LETTERS: On McAllen mayoral, Sharyland ISD and Pharr elections

Mayoral candidates for May 6 McAllen election

I am so tired of the biased media and the obvious partiality of one candidate over another. Why can’t the media just report facts and not spend time being negative toward one candidate or another? Let voters decide for themselves.

I have known Othal Brand Jr., most of his life. I know him to be an honorable, kind, honest and Christian man who loves McAllen. He is a man of integrity. He doesn’t deserve the humiliating photo that The Monitor continually uses in its stories regarding the present campaign. I know that you have several very nice pictures of him that can be used in your paper yet you choose one in order to depict him as a type of person that he is not. Many uninformed people who do not know the candidates will simply judge the person by their picture and this one certainly doesn’t show the pleasant, confident, handsome, kind-hearted gentleman that he is. He deserves an apology.

Paula Lindgren, McAllen


I remember when Jim Darling was former Mayor Othal Brand’s “mouthpiece,” working as the city’s attorney. I’m not happy at all with McAllen since I’ve come back as a Winter Texan. The bus system is a joke. It should run every 30 minutes so all the illegals can make it to the north side of town to clean for the rich. Take heed Othal Jr.: Did you promise to improve this fiasco? If you did, you have my vote, because I’m poor. And while you’re at it, if elected mayor you should clean up the dirty city parks and put restrooms in each one with lots of toilet paper. Also put up signs in Spanish that explain we flush here; not to throw used toilet paper on the ground, which can spread disease.

I’m a Native-American War Mother from Oklahoma and my two sons fought in Desert Storm. I believe that if folks are so worried about us going to war, then they can sign up for the military to fight for the United States. I also think that’s the answer for all the illegals who are here. Instead of taking our Medicaid and food stamps, they can sign up to fight for America and become a U.S. citizen the legal way.

Juannah Young, McAllen

Sharyland ISD elections and ‘get along gang’

A letter writer and former president of the Sharyland ISD Board of Trustees writes that we should keep the incumbent, and that the school district taxes are a mere drop in the bucket. He fails, however, to mention the thousands of dollars squandered buying out administration contracts over the years that the current school board president has presided over. Just do a Google search. He touts the CPA title of the incumbent as an advantage. CPAs are great number crunchers, but do they have management skills? I think the former school board president just wants the status quo to keep the “get along gang.” The taxpayers of Sharyland need someone who will question spending and hiring and not just rubber stamp them.

Jake Longoria, Mission

Pharr elections and too many ‘politiqueros’

I’ve lived my entire 62 years in Pharr where currently there are two slates of candidates running for the Pharr City Commission. One is called “Pharr Strong;” the other “Pharr Forward.” I call them “Fraud Forward” and I am not a fan of Pharr Mayor Ambrosio Hernandez. What irks me most is that his slate has hired most of the politiqueros, or political operatives, in order to help get him reelected. The way I see it, is if your candidates are the most qualified, experienced and have the best ideas then let the honest, taxpaying Pharr citizens make the right choice on both slates! I challenge “Pharr Forward” not to use politiqueros, or must they because otherwise they’d be afraid that they’d lose?

Ricardo Rosales Sr., Pharr

‘Liberal news media’ and Monitor coverage

I would like to comment on The Monitor editors, in regard to your newspaper’s coverage of our country’s leaders. Never have I seen editorials and news coverage that shows such complete disrespect, as your paper.Many times there are unproven and what I believe are biased news stories. Over and over again the stories refer to our president as just “Trump.” This shows complete disrespect for our president. Whether you are a left-wing liberal or not, this man was elected by the people. Our country needs to stand with our elected officials and let them do their job. Just print the proven facts and let us, the people, make our own decisions on where our officials are taking us. Please show some respect for them and the people.

Jim Repavich, Alamo


The Monitor’s “We don’t do fake news” campaign, launched recently, reminds me of my children when they were young. Whenever one of them had done something wrong they would go to their room in anticipation of being told to go to their room as punishment. Nice try but your newspaper is just another part of the liberal news media that is dedicated to bring the Trump Administration down. As to your journalists, they can start by educating themselves as to whether undocumented people are criminals or not. Your reporters seem to think that these people are not criminals until they commit some type of criminal act in this country. The last time I checked, under 8USC 1325, it is a crime to enter this country other than at a designated port of entry. So have your journalists look at this law and they will find out that they are all criminals.

Guadalupe E. Aguirre, Edinburg