LETTERS: Biden bashed

I just heard on Fox News that Joe Biden is passionate about human rights.

May I add that his “human-rights passion” unfortunately only extends for those who are illegally crossing our Texas border. Our parks, hospitals and hotels, paid by Americans, are being greatly utilized for these crossers’ illnesses and comforts,

A Christians we’re all very glad these people are being helped, but I’m sad for the lack of impartial care for all our people in need.

As mere human beings, we’re all the “least of your brothers” at one time or another. My firm belief is that Jesus would never allow preferential treatment for one ideological faction only. He is about love and care for all His flock in need.

COVID-19-exposed Americans deteriorate and die waiting at home from COVID-19 and many other illnesses, while the facilities are politically exploited for the benefit of those who fit the left’s political propaganda. Biden’s fake compassion has a taxpayers’ bloody and costly price tag so that he can accomplish his election political “victories.”

Be reminded his infamy and “victories” are being financed by the abandoned Americans dying at home. There’s not one ounce of real compassion from Biden for anybody’s welfare except his own.

Imelda Coronado, Mission