LETTERS: Commission not trusted

The Herald printed letters from Bill Williams (June 20) and Jesus Rodriguez (June 22) questioning why Republicans were not voting for and supporting a bipartisan commission to study the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol building. They wonder why the Republicans did not want to proceed to investigate any further. I can try to enlighten them.

We’ve seen this Democrat-run fiction movie before. The Trump-Russian collusion-Mueller investigation delivered nothing. The investigation into the Trump-Ukraine phone call transcript scandal also produced nothing.

Nothing from these investigations lead to charges against Trump. The two Trump impeachments were almost entirely partisan — there was no sense of fair play in these.

Several investigations into Jan. 6 have already been completed. From those investigations we know that one unarmed protester was unjustly shot and killed by a still-unidentified capitol police officer.

Republicans don’t think that another Democrat-led investigation will be conducted fairly and properly. Thinking otherwise would be just foolish.

Joel Ramirez, Edinburg