LETTER: The hate list

I read the letter dated 2/28/21, “Know the real world”. The last line destroyed all my attention.

Trump worked the crowd like an expert playing the fiddle. The crowd was filled with hungry monkeys for hate. They too believe the election was stolen without presenting any proof. Then he pitched the hate towards the Capital. That’s what caused the riot.

If there was election fraud the proof would be there. Something like this is very difficult to hide. Enough said. Here is what is really happening. The white Christian Americans are losing their position in this country, and they hate it. They still have not lost control, but they are feeling “the bite of the dog”.

Here is the opposite of what Trump should have done if he is a true honest white Christian American. He would have stayed home and figured out what went wrong when he didn’t get reelected. There is a reason why he didn’t win re-elected. I am sure people will try to explain with a lot of different reasons but the end fact is that he lost.

Listen to me. Trump is a xenophobic. He has a hate list. First he hates people from other countries, then he hates brown people, next he hates gays, he hates blacks, at a given point you will find he hates people with certain names.

As for the Leftist, the Rightest, the media, the liberals, they are all the same. They all want is a little control of a bigger piece of the pie. They already know what part of society is going to vote and for whom. All they are doing is looking for a niche of voters to win. Remember when Trump said, “American women from suburbia. Why don’t you like me? (paraphrase) Please vote for me”. He was begging the niche. He did it not for America but for himself. He begs for money from the naïve.

He ran for president to enrich himself and his family. He is not a patriot. Money is his God. The evidence is before you. His actions and his family’s actions prove it. My fear is that he found 74 million voters to believe his “con.”

Santiago Perez, San Benito