LETTER: Vaccination line jumpers

After reading the article in the Feb. 12 Monitor titled “Adult day care clients in Pct. 2 get vaccinations”, I need to comment. I agree with the importance of vaccination for our older population, who are so vulnerable to this virus.

I applaud the honesty and courage of our younger, healthy population in waiting for their turn to get the vaccine. However, there are some who only care about themselves.

On Feb. 9 my husband and I got our second dose at Bert Ogden Arena. We noticed a fair amount of people were young. We assume most of them were qualified to get their shot and deserve to be there. We waited in our parked car as instructed, to be called to get in line.

Waiting for approximately four hours, we observed young and older people getting down to use the bathrooms. But some used that excuse to get ahead of the line, as some were parked for a later time slot.

We made our disapproval known to the city workers and police there.

We know some people will cheat, but please consider the elderly and others who have been waiting longer. Once you got your shot you were given a sticker that stated you had gotten your vaccination. Believe me, some of these people had gone in pretending to use the bathroom. Some had arrived later than some people, because they drove off from their row after being vaccinated. Their parking row had not been called yet. Not very honest.

That is why I want to recognize Commissioner Eddie Cantu for his work in making sure that all residents at day care centers in McAllen, San Juan and Hidalgo are vaccinated. He said he will wait his turn “until we tend to our most vulnerable first.” God bless him.

We are very grateful to all the entities that are coming together to help dispense these vaccines. It is sad to see the dishonesty of people who cannot wait for their turn.

Martha Sanchez