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Special bonds

I read how organ bonds families. Chase Crompvoets became an organ donor at the young age of 18. His lungs were donated to Eric Sheets in Indianapolis. After a few years of grieving, Sheets decided to do his part and met up with his donor’s family. This is such a heartwarming act and should be done more frequently by other people.

More survivors should reach out to the family of their organ donor. After losing a loved one there are a lot of mixed feelings such as anger and grief. The simple act of reaching out can mean so much to these families going through hard times. Interacting with one another can help people get through the grieving process faster and get a sense of peace in their lives from both families. They share a special moment like no other, the “meeting of two lifetimes” in remembrance of their loved one.

People who have received organ transplants should visit the family of their organ donor to show how much they appreciate getting a second chance in life. These families are comforted knowing that part of their loved one is still alive. Chase’s mother Kelly said, “You lose a child, but you’re so thankful to know he has been a gift of life to someone else.” This gives them hope and reminds them that a person is never gone until they are forgotten. It also gives them hope of finishing the goals and dreams their loved one had before passing. In a similar way, getting to get to know the family of the donor is a wonderful feeling and thoughtful idea. Taking the time to meet one another and build a close friendship can mean a lot to both families.

Some people believe that an organ donor gets mistreated medical attention to take their organs for other bodies. If we can support that this idea is not true with advertisement and publicity, we can encourage more people to become organ donors and save lives.

All in all, acknowledging the family of the organ donor should become normalized and more common as it is a beautiful feeling for both families.

Giselle Guajardo


Immigrant population

An immigration overpopulation; what will it take to sustain this amount of overpopulation on a nation?

1) Jobs need to be in place to sustain it for a healthy economy.

2) The immigrants who come needing to work to sustain their families, afford housing, health insurance and public schools are free to attend and must know the laws before they migrate to know the consequence of their violation.

3) Loyalty: Will they be loyal to the new nation they migrate to by obeying the laws and support the nation and better the nation by their presence, or are they here for personal gain to live off of government welfare programs as their final destination?

China struggles to maintain its large population, which is 10 times more than the U.S. population. China under president Deng Xiaoping placed an order allowing only one female baby per family to control its population. This caused a shortage of women in China. Today there are 110 men for every 100 women. This increases the single population of men in China and a result, they marry foreigners to have families.

Can America survive an immigration invasion? I cannot say; we will have to experience it in real time and the immigration invasion is taking place in real time. We will witness its success or failure from our own homes.

Rafael Madrigal


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