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Trump backed

The messages emanating from the media squawk galleries are absolutely titillating, enthralling and gripping. Like a clever Hollywood script, with the good: (Democrats) and the bad: (Orange Man) in an epic showdown of corporate morality.

The professional sycophants ascend their armchair soapboxes to parrot social and moral justice crisis narratives, synced and choreographed perfectly as though led by a conductor.

Co-defendants Donald Trump and a ham sandwich are on trial for just about everything in the U.S. Penal Code by hyper-partisan activist prosecutors.

Shock narratives are influencing voters to abandon logic and vote with raw emotion.

Hated bitterly by media millionaires, No. 45 was the tide that lifted all boats. Historic minority unemployment lows. Booming economy. No new wars. Complete energy independence. Brokered Middle East peace. Stood down China. Mean tweets (audible gasp). The supposed racist renewed lapsed funding to Black colleges and deported fewer Latinos on average than Barack Obama.

So don’t fall for their rivers of crocodile tears. The script plot holes are showing, and the audience is abandoning the theaters in droves.

Jamey Honaker


Biden bashed

There is something happening right before our eyes and it surprises me that no one has caught on.

It all started when Joe Biden reversed 10 of the Trump-era policies on immigration shortly after taking office, signaling to migrants that your time is now, thus creating the crisis at the border. Those 10 policies reversed included the remain in Mexico policy and the immediate end to construction of the border wall, thus creating the crisis at the southern American border.

Magicians in Las Vegas will tell you part of the trick is misdirection. You are looking at the cards he is holding and he is exploiting human nature; while we are fixated on the obvious the action is happening elsewhere.

The massive horde of migrants at the American southern border is the distraction, the action that is happening elsewhere is devious and nefarious.

In the 1700’s slavery was accomplished by sending ships to Africa, to entrap African men, women and children. The New World needed cheap labor and it was easy to collect these poor souls and bring them to the Americas. After the colonies in America were established slavery was used to clear farmland and harvest crops. Slaves were traded and sold like cattle.

Fast-forward 320 years and a new era of slavery begins. No ships were sent to collect the slaves, instead an audible dog whistle was used by the 46th president.

They did not come by the thousands, but by the millions to the United States, a country that needs cheap labor.

Since 2003 the labor participation rate has dropped to an all-time low, hovering just about 60%. That means 40% of Americans for one reason or another do not work.

The way to fill that void was to import cheap unskilled labor, exploit a labor force that will be enslaved, because if you think those millions of migrants will be dealt with fairly by employers I have some oceanfront property in Starr County I will sell you.

Joe Biden created a generation of modern slavery, a feat that if you are a Democrat should turn your stomach.

Jake Longoria


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