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It’s not the guns

This in my response to Beto Conde’s commentary dated Dec. 4.

I have family members and friends who own AR-15-style firearms. I do not own one. Some of them are patriotic Democrats. Both use these guns for sporting enjoyment, and some for protection.

AR-15 owners are not the problem. The problem is evil people or mentally ill people who have access to these firearms.

The NRA donates to Congress members who support the 2nd Amendment. This includes patriotic Democrats, and yet Mr. Conde only names Republicans. Hmm — why is that?

Just in case some readers don’t know, the letters “AR” in the AR-15 do not stand for “automatic rifle.” It stands for “ArmaLite Rifle,” the originator of this rifle. This firearm shoots exactly like the Remington 740 semi-automatic deer rifle. It cannot shoot in automatic mode like the military M-16, which it resembles in looks. So if the Democrats are successful in outlawing AR-15s, that might also apply to semi-automatic rifles like the Remington 740 deer rifle. And of course, I believe that is their hidden intention.

Mr. Conde also mentions DACA in his commentary. Doesn’t he know that President Obama said he could not make laws and it would take Congress to enact it? They didn’t. And yet our Democratic administration is still implementing Obama’s plan.

Our Founding Fathers gave Americans the right to own firearms to defend themselves against a totalitarian government. Today that includes automatic rifles made before the year 1986, which includes the M-16 military rifle. (Yes, rapid-fire guns existed during our Revolutionary War.) It takes up to 18 months to get approval to own one. Then there is the cost of applying for the permit and the cost of purchasing the weapon, which is in the vicinity of $15,000-$20,000 today.

I could go on and on and make additional comments opposing most of his commentary, but I won’t.

I once considered myself to be a supporter of the Republican Party. I no longer do. Today I believe a great many influential Republican politicians are “all hat and no cattle.” I vote for the individual and not their political party.

I approve of Mr. Conde’s commentary. He has the right to express his opinion, even though I do not believe most of it is true. It’s called freedom of speech.

Darrell Williams Sr.


Vouchers not wanted

As of this writing, Texas House legislators have defeated school vouchers once again in spite of Gov. Greg Abbott’s hostage situation to call multiple legislative sessions to cram his program of “Christian school” priority for special-interest funding at the expense of fully funding public schools.

According to ReformAustin, Abbott has spent more than 4 million taxpayer dollars on four special sessions.

In my readings about vouchers or education savings accounts for select students, I came across this fitting analogy:

“I don’t like the city parks. I want to join a country club, so my kid doesn’t have to play with ‘those’ kids, and I want the city parks system to pay for my membership.”

If you’ve wondered about vouchers and their validity, the above quote is what school vouchers are really all about.

Diane Teter


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