Only have a minute? Listen instead

Republicans are responsible for the insane gun laws in Texas. The following are gun laws in Texas proposed by the Republican majority and signed by Republican governor Greg Abbott.

No state permit required to purchase firearms.

No regulation against open carry of any type of weapon in public.

No requirement to register firearms.

No regulation against purchasing military-type assault weapons.

No regulations on magazine capacity.

No regulation carrying weapons on college campuses.

All these laws were approved and signed in 2021 by Abbott, the recipient of more than $20,000 from the NRA. Abbott appeared on video at an NRA convention a few days after the mass murder of 17 schoolchildren and two teachers. Abbott’s loyalty apparently lies with his campaign contributors, not the safety of Texas children.

Former President Barack Obama tried to get gun regulation laws passed but was unsuccessful due to Republican votes in Congress where a 60-vote majority was needed. The proposal included background checks, a ban on assault weapons and blocking sales of high-capacity ammunition magazines. Every Republican voted against all gun regulation legislation.

Our current laws that allow anyone on the street to buy a military-style war weapon with high-capacity magazines are a result of the NRA legally bribing Republican politicians not only in Texas but all over the country.

Republicans are to be blamed for the insane gun laws in America. This is not an attack or an insult, it’s public knowledge.

Here is a list of Republican senators bankrolled by the NRA, who value their political careers more than the safety of our citizens including children.

Mitt Romney: $13,648,000

Richard Burr: $6,987,000

Roy Blunt: $4,556,000

Thom Tillis: $4,421,000

Marco Rubio: $3,303,000

Joni Ernst: $3,125,000

Josh Hawley: $1,392,000

Mitch McConnell: $1,267,000

Ted Cruz: $176,000

These Republicans support the sale of AR-15s to anybody over the age of 18.

The following number of murders were carried out by killers using AR-15 weapons. Uvalde 19, Buffalo 10, Orlando 49, Parkland 17, Las Vegas 58, Aurora, Colo., 10, Sandy Hook 26, Waffle House 4, San Bernardino 14, Midland/Odessa 8, Poway Synagogue 1, Sutherland Springs 26, Tree of Life Synagogue 11.

This number of people killed does not include the hundreds wounded whose lives will be changed forever.

The main reason these killings resulted in the large numbers of deaths in a few minutes is the type of weapons used. These weapons are specifically manufactured to kill as many victims as possible in the quickest time possible.

Republicans have always voted against banning these weapons of war.

The issue of DACA continues to be unresolved. The main point is that they were brought to the U.S. as children. They don’t know any other life but the one in the U.S. Deporting them would be an injustice. The other side of this issue is to go ahead and deport them. Neither side is satisfied at this point.

This issue was not resolved during the Trump administration either.

Facts are facts. It is not an attack on Trump to point out his judgments (sexual assault and tax fraud) and his many indictments on serious state and federal charges. These are facts and public information available to everyone.

MAGA-Trumpers are following him regardless of his total lack of decency. These people are not true conservatives. Trump’s presidential campaign is completely made up of threatening revenge on his opponents and his critics. His campaign speeches are full of malicious hatred and fear mongering meant to divide Americans for his personal benefit. Trump has even gotten his followers to cheer his comments making fun about the assault and beating of 80-year-old Paul Pelosi. He fires up his crowds to join him in cheering his hateful rhetoric. They blindly follow him like a cult leader.

Trump uses name calling on his opponents knowing his flock will pick them up and spread them like little kids in grade-school playgrounds. Calling President Biden sleepy Joe is what the guru cult leader wants you to call him.

Nothing sleepy about a president who in a little more than two years has accomplished the following:

Rescued the economy and changed the course of the pandemic. Set in motion projects to rebuild our infrastructure.

Reduced the price of prescription drugs like insulin.

More people are working than at any point in American history.

Historic expansion of benefits and services for toxic exposed veterans.

The first meaningful gun violence reduction legislation in 30 years.

Rallied the world to support Ukraine in response to Vladimir Putin’s aggression.

Strengthened alliances with NATO.

Executive orders protecting reproductive rights.

Historic student debt relief for middle- and working-class families.

Protected marriage for LGBTQI+ and interracial couples.

Historic confirmation of a Supreme Court justice and federal judges of diverse backgrounds.

Passage of the Chips Act to fortify the economy and national security and reinforce America’s chip supply chain. These are just a few examples of what President Biden has done for all Americans, Democrats and Republicans.

Compare these accomplishments to the biggest legislation Trump passed, the biggest tax break in history for the wealthiest Americans and giant corporations. Trump doesn’t care about America or its citizens, he only cares about himself.

Beto Conde lives in Rancho Viejo.