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Letter writers draw attacks

Just a few comments in response to letters by Beto Conde, Shirley Rickett and Oscar Garza. Each writer goes on and on about how former President Donald Trump and his supporters are a bunch of fascists, conspiracy theorists and illegal immigration/border alarmists.

On the topic of illegal immigration, Mr. Garza launches a vicious attack on Myra Flores and other Republicans for drawing attention to what many have described as an invasion at our southern border. It is obvious that Mr. Garza is just another run-of-the-mill r proponent of open borders who does not have a problem with the surrender of our southern border to drug cartels, human traffickers and other criminal organizations.

On another topic, Ms. Rickett goes off on a hysterical rant over language used by Mr. Trump that she finds highly offensive. If I were in Mr. Trump’s shoes, I too would have some choice words for those who were spending every waking hour trying to disparage and destroy not only me, but my family as well.

Finally, every one of the above-mentioned writers goes on and on about how former President Trump is a fascist and wannabe dictator and an existential threat to our democratic institutions and principles. Trump-hating Democrats talk a good game about “saving our democracy,” but quickly resort to gangster-like tactics if and when anyone voices opposition and/or interferes with their radical agenda. So, who are the real fascists?

Ben Castillo


Limit terms of officials

Has anyone in Texas seen more than they can handle with so many conflicts that have taken place in the Legislature?

In my honest opinion, changes need to be made in our state government and those changes are long overdue.

The subject of term limits should rank as the top item on the agenda when the Texas Legislature’s regular session convenes in January 2025. The offices of governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state comptroller, land, railroad and agriculture commissioners should be limited to two terms each. Once their two terms have expired, the incumbents who served in any of those posts will not be allowed to run for a third term in the same position under this proposed legislation.

The same thing would apply to the offices state representative and state senator whose terms ought to be limited to eight years in each post under this same proposal.

As for the position of education commissioner, I recommend that our legislature eliminate that position because it is just a symbol of bureaucracy that serves little to our state’s education system.

The office of state comptroller should be in charge of disbursing our state’s purse strings to Texas public schools in lieu of the Texas Education Agency, whose power to take over a school district should be reduced to zilch.

The TEA should only serve as a small agency whose only focus is to grant exemplary status ratings to our public schools statewide.

So I urge my fellow constituents to write or contact your legislators

to propose this important bi-partisan effort of passing term limits in the halls of Austin.

May the current leaders of our government embrace this change for the good of our fellow Texans.

End the bureaucracy. Enact term limits now.

Roberto Lopez


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