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Halloween memories

I remember when I was a teenager participating in devil’s night, a day before Halloween, a group of neighborhood friends were going to show me how it’s done. They gave me a piece of soap to write on car windows. I was hesitant but gave in to fit in.

I saw a car that belonged to my uncle and I wrote on the windows and went on; it kind of broke the ice for me to participate.

The next day, my uncle, who has the same name as I, told my father and my father came to me laughing. He asked me and of course I told him the truth and asked, how did he know? My father then told me, “You wrote your first and last name on every window of his car and we had a good laugh about it.” How stupid was I to do that.

Fifty years later, my wife and I took our granddaughter out on Halloween to the nicest part of town just to look at the nice houses and get better candy for our granddaughter. Then something happened that I will never forget.

As we were walking to a corner street there was an adult male, most likely a father, keeping an eye on his kids with a full cow costume with headgear and white and black spots; that would have been farfetched but fine. What shocked me most was the six mammary glands on his chest, three on the left from top to waist line and three on the right.

To this day those two memories remain embedded in my mind forever.

Rafael Madrigal


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