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Confused by ballot

At opening time on the first day for early voting my wife and I were there to vote; no line at all, we went up to register and got VIP service.

The propositions were clearly written and easily understood for the most part except for Proposition 4, which read like a riddle to confuse you to no end. I couldn’t figure out what I was voting for or against. I read it several times and it did not get any clearer; I was stunned. What am I voting for here?

I figure either way I voted, I was flipping a coin and voting for tails, not because I wanted to, because I did not understand the riddle.

My wife figured out the riddle and explained it to me when she read the paper several days before. She said, vote how the school district advises and you vote for the state tax cut on the property tax.

Clearly, they use language to confuse the voter to vote the opposite to cancel the state property tax cut. This type of voter manipulation should be illegal to use on a voter who needs a PHD in English to decipher the riddle. The wording was so confusing that we just hope we voted the right way, and to this day, we don’t know. I do know that they won if we voted against the state property tax cut.

Rafael Madrigal


Murder weapons

At least 16 million Americans own AR-15 mass murder weapons. Why? Are they that evil or just that stupid? Clearly it’s both.

The AR-15 mass-murder weapon was developed to be used during the illegal, immoral war of aggression against innocent Vietnamese peasants, more than 3 million of whom were slaughtered en masse in America’s most horrific crime against humanity of the 20th century.

You know what they say: “What goes around comes around.”

Ban assault weapons now! What are these pathetic patriarchal politicians of the GOP waiting for? Another Russian government cash deposit into their Swiss bank accounts?

No more excuses! No more “thoughts and prayers.” The corrupt, conservative NRA and their low-IQ, racist, Republican, homicidal hillbilly membership can burn in Hell eternally for all I and most Americans care!

Any right-wing Republican politician in 2023 who after everything is still corruptly on the payroll of Vladimir Putin and the NRA needs to go directly to jail now, no trials necessary.

It’s long past time to put the FBI to work rounding up these terrorist Trump cult members and throwing the low-life, loser, scumbag Trump under the jail where they belong. The NRA has been actively subverting American democracy for decades.

Jake Pickering

Arcata, Calif.

Trump hatred

Just wading through a healthy smattering of anti-Trump vitriol, akin to hosting George Orwell’s Two Minutes of Hate.

Mr. Trump, quite simply, is the bane of the beta male. He has been fashioned, by furiously spinning media, as a mega-pariah, the embodiment of all things despicable in the human character. Look at how much richer he emerged after politics (sarcasm, of course).

Mr. Trump lives rent-free in the heads of frustrated weaklings — indoctrinated, soft-headed weaklings. He fought valiantly before they illegally leaked his tax returns, and there was nothing.

At his conclusion, pundits expressed relief to an end of the mania and chaos in the airwaves that they themselves created. From 2016-2021, TVs were like busted fire hydrants spewing nonstop anti-Trump vitriol. Good thing Mr. Biden, like his former boss, is finishing up another “scandal-free” presidency, eh?

Jamey Honaker


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