Only have a minute? Listen instead
Stop wasting time, money

Politicians need to stop wasting time with fake optics and surveys and concentrate on real actions.

Common sense requires action, not superficial talk. Americans do not want American media misinformation in charge of our government rules enforcement. Our Congress needs to act on legislating against this weaponized escalating anti-Semitism. The Supreme Court needs to act responsibly against these unprecedented dangers too.

Dire action is needed to undo damaging laws favoring unlawful foreign invaders. They’re being rewarded with unlimited and effortless lifetime benefits at the cost of tax-abused Americans dying in subservience and silence.

Leaders, act now against legislation that destroys Americans who keep shouldering the economic burden of unlawful migration.

Act against abusive laws allowing the leftist media to govern and censure us without any recourse or defense for “we the people.”

Stop the sidelining and abuse of employment ageism and disability.

Create genius legislation that benefits veterans, law enforcement, teachers, public employees, young, disabled and elderly Americans alike, and stop kowtowing to foreign adversaries’ destruction of America’s democracy. Politicians have been pandering to their “human rights” while destroying ours. Stop! Both Democrats and Republicans are to blame for the evil forces that are destroying our democracy. Affirmative action, diversity, equity and inclusion and Black Lives Matter were never intended for the people who pay for their freeloading “humanitarian greed.” It’s enriching the abusers and decimating the oppressed silenced taxpayers.

Stop bribing the offenders to save your political ambitions, and start appreciating the neglected builders and producers that keep sustaining America. Cancel visas and permits of people who come here to be in-your-face revolutionaries. Allow them to go enjoy the revolutionary countries they defend and stand for. It is good-old American leadership and democracy. Act, and do not waste time to legislate against the abuse of student loan forgiveness, and Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness that allows these so called “businesses” to not answer their business phones and keep their “places of business” closed whenever they want to, while not being required to pay these loans back or taxed.

How is this helping the taxpaying people who are burdened to pay for it? By increasing their taxes to expand this weaponized Marxist extremism? Stop playing goody two shoes and act, American democracy is on the line.

Imelda Coronado


New shelter philosophy

While arriving at McAllen Medical Center for my husband’s doctor’s appointment, I noticed a stray, long-haired poodle looking scared in the parking lot. The cold front and the real fear that he would be run over led me to pick him up.

I called animal control and asked if they could pick him up. The person told me that the city had a “new philosophy” about stray animals and that if I picked up the dog, I was now responsible for it.

I asked what I should do with it if I simply could not care for it. She responded, “Put it where you found it.” To die, I asked, and hung up.

Compassionate conservatism? Is this the heart of a city that markets itself as modern and enlightened? How about cruelty for cruelty’s sake? It’s no wonder hate has permeated our country.

Yolanda Gesswein


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