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Governor draws fire

Nowadays words like astounding, unbelievable and un-American are becoming commonplace to describe unacceptable antics, mostly in the land of Republican politics. This leaves one at a loss to adequately describe disbelief and disgust when our governor demands that our underpaid, understaffed, undertrained and over-criticized police and county sheriff arrest immigrants for just being here. Is he so far out of touch with reality that he has not considered the cost to the taxpayers of this fiasco?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott speaks during the Governor’s Small Business Summit luncheon held at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel on Thursday, Aug. 10, 2023, in McAllen. (Joel Martinez | [email protected])

At this time when property taxes are overwhelming and cities and even ISDs are trying to reduce their tax rates, he wants to add a monstrous expense. Has he not noticed that our county has no jail space, even for legitimate arrestees, and must purchase confinement in other counties? More expense.

How does he propose to care for the children of the arrested adults? Maybe bus them somewhere or impose on Sister Pimentel? How about the administrative nightmare for those he wants arrested and the cities that make the arrests?

No, Governor, your Trumpian behavior is showing, and you are at the least overstepping your authority. Please think past the politics and become human.

Ned Sheats


Gun control laws needed

We awoke Oct. 26 to the horrors visited upon the people of Lewiston, Maine. A maniac gunman murdered 18 people and injured 13 others at two separate locations in the city.

We two questions for Congressperson Monica De La Cruz: When will congressional Republicans enact sensible controls on the purchase and possession of weapons of war by people who have no business owning such weapons? And, when will congressional representatives begin representing their constituents and stop toadying up to the gun lobby and their huge campaign donations?

U.S. Rep. Monica De La Cruz addresses the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce during a quarterly Public Affairs Luncheon at the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance on Thursday, April 13, 2023, in Edinburg. (Joel Martinez | [email protected])

Whenever incidents like the one in Maine occur, Republicans rush to the podium to offer up their “thoughts and prayers” for the victims. The time is long past for such meaningless sentiments. Now is time to begin making meaningful changes such as requiring universal, strict background checks for every person who seeks to purchase any firearm. Then you must immediately enact a comprehensive ban on the sale and possession of weapons of war. You must also outlaw the production, sale and possession of high-capacity magazines. Nothing less will end this senseless slaughter of people in our schools, stores and restaurants.

Over the years, gun-lobby dupes have put forward the idea that bad people with guns will be stopped by good people with guns. Lewiston puts that idea to the lie that it is! Gun control laws in Maine are less stringent than almost anywhere in this country. Mainers own and use guns frequently. But not a single person in Lewiston resisted the gunman.

After every school shooting (Uvalde?), right-wingers suggest arming teachers. More guns are not the answer! Getting guns out of our society is the only way to put an end to senseless mass shootings.

I would be completely surprised if De La Cruz responds publicly to these critical issues.

Vaughn Cox


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