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Political stupidity

America has flourished under democracy for almost 250 years. Not always pretty-picture perfect and not without burps and stumbles, but it prospered. And it’s the envy of many nations.

Some folks here in the USA aren’t satisfied and some of them are elected legislators who at this very moment are threatening to dismantle democracy. Yes, the very same democracy that got them where they are now and the same democracy that made this country great in the first place.

I don’t think it’s because they don’t like democracy. More likely it’s because democracy has made it hard for them to win lately. It seems like they abhor working hard to earn the votes they need. It’s easier to just suppress the votes and gerrymander their districts in their favor.

“Congratulations, you guys won this time, but wait till next year,” are words that are no longer in their vocabulary. After in so many ways to find votes to overturn the election that Joe Biden won, they decided to storm the Capitol and stop the peaceful transition of power. Their goal was to destroy democracy and to forever scrap “government by and for the people.”

Violent insurrectionists loyal to President Donald Trump stand outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021. (Jose Luis Magana/AP File Photo)

Storming the Capitol in such a barbaric way was really dumb. And thinking that the failed effort was patriotic and heroic is even dumber. Perhaps we need more schools to provide the knowledge that we need to tamp down the levels of stupidity in our country. The more knowledge we absorb the less stupid we are. It’s simple.

I don’t know about you, but I think that nowadays stupidity seems to have gone unbridled and it’s affecting mostly GOP politicians. For example, in Florida we have a governor who banned historical and classical books and also picked a fight with Mickey Mouse. He also publicly and disrespectfully disparaged Dr. Anthony Fauci, the brilliant scientist who guided us through the pandemic and is admired and respected by millions worldwide. This governor is the epitome of stupidity and he wants to be our president?

And in Texas we have a governor who erected a strip of menacing buoys in the Rio Grande that is about a fifth of a mile long. The buoys will provide security to a border that is almost 2,000 miles long. Will the buoys stop illegal crossings enough to significantly make a difference? I don’t see how, but I do see that it’s costing us millions.

And then we have the seven GOP presidential candidates who said they would support Trump if he’s once again nominated. Yes, the same Trump who was impeached twice, indicted four times and who publicly declared that he could murder someone on Fifth Avenue and people would still vote for him.

Does the GOP really believe he’s all they’ve got? Has stupidity really gone unbridled? Hoo-boy.

Italo J. Zarate


A view of part of the facade of the Majestic Theatre building Aug. 19, 2023, in downtown Brownsville. (Miguel Roberts/The Brownsville Herald)
Rename theater for Kristofferson

In reference to the Majestic Theatre in downtown Brownsville, wouldn’t it be nice to name this performing arts auditorium the Kris Kristofferson Performing Arts Auditorium?

This man is an accomplished musician, singer/songwriter, actor and best of all is from Brownsville.

Robert Garces


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