LETTERS: Biden’s strikes, Bounds of logic

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President Joe Biden speaks about border security in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Thursday, Jan. 5, 2023, in Washington. Vice President Kamala Harris stands at left. (Patrick Semansky/AP Photo)
Biden’s strikes

Three strikes, you’re out, Joe Biden.

Strike 1, age. Although Biden may be old he is still very effective, but voters may not think so.

Strike 2, immigration. This is something only Congress can do something about. It requires a law. The president does not make laws, but voters do not know this.

Strike 3, Kamala Harris. If Biden becomes incapacitated, Kamala Harris has not come across as being presidential. Voters see her as short on message and short on delivery. Just doesn’t have it.

Arnoldo Gonzalez


Bounds of logic

Four indictments. And, according to the indicted individual, they are not against him for his alleged misdeeds, but rather, they are against you. You, the American public. The American voter. The ordinary American enablers, who continue to pay millions in legal fees and costs for what you presumably did, what you presumably said, what you presumably caused. Forty, 60 million, and counting. Correct? And as the named indicted, when does he begin to take responsibility for his actions, his deed or misdeeds? When does he stop pushing the legal tab (dinner tab) to you, and away from himself? When does the light come on, and you begin to see the light, and the hypocrisy of his words and his blame game?

This carnival of the absurd has gone beyond all common sense, beyond the bounds of logic and reason. And still, the lies, the deceit, the threats and the intimidation. But most of all, the money — it keeps coming in.

And therein lies the rub. Why stop the golden goose from laying million-dollar eggs? The carnival of mirrors is up and running, and will continue, so long as there is someone standing in line to walk into the maze of mirrors. And the ringmaster knows too well how to swindle and connive his way under the big tent (or in his case, under the Big Lie). Like his three-card monte game on New York street corners, he has now moved his game to the big tent, held up by big lies and big money. And you, my friends (those who are enabling and supporting him still), are holding up the tent poles that keep alive the lies and the swindling.

Former President Donald Trump arrives at Trump Tower, Monday, April 3, 2023, in New York. (Yuki Iwamura/AP Photo)

Careful, though, because like a house of cards, once you let go of the tent pole, the tent will collapse, and so too, the lies, the deceits and your gossamer fantasy of his adulterated and delusional life. And what will be left will be only credit card debt, canceled check receipts and mangled, tattered red caps without meaning, without substance, and with only regret and possibly shame, for being gullible and easy to fleece.

No one need go beyond the bounds of logic to find where lies the character and the substance of a man or of a dream. One need only feel the resonance of common sense and reason to understand and comprehend.

The carnival of the absurd can be alluring and addictive. But how long can one keep going around in circles in the hall of mirrors, before we get dizzy and fall?

Moderation is the key. Logic is the door. And you but a reflection in the mirror in the mind of a man who cannot stop the out-of-control spinning and spiraling delusional life that never was.

Al Garcia-Wiltse

San Juan

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