LETTERS: Response to letter, Immoral actions

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Response to letter

Heartfelt thanks to Mr. Rene Castillo of San Antonio for writing his letter of July 21.

I have never read a more accurate statement of the mindset of a MAGA Republican. That of course being totally biased and totally anti-American misinformation.

First, let’s define insurrection. From the Oxford dictionary, it’s a violent uprising against an authority or government. Mr. Castillo, it was violent’ people died as a result. It did destroy property, millions in damage to the Capitol. It was an uprising against our government’s elective process, and it was preplanned and executed by radical political groups.

Mr. Castillo also omits facts like no election interference from liberals has been proven but plenty from Vladimir Putin for Donald Trump has, and Trump did not immediately ban all flights from China until June 16, eight months after he first knew of the virus, and that his second-guessing of medical professionals delayed and weakened the nationwide prevention of the disease.

He then typically distorts a statement made by President Barack Obama that accurately described as “extreme inequality” the media attention given to the loss of the submersible and its five tourists compared with that of the loss of 700 immigrants headed to Greece. I hope Mr. Castillo has some small part of his MAGA heart left where he could agree that attention being paid to the loss of the submersible compared to zero by the Greek government for the emigrants is unequal.

Yes, Mr. Castillo, I believed in the tooth fairy, but I grew up and discarded childish things. Unfortunately, you have not given up your misguided and also childish belief that there is anything good in MAGA Republicans, their politics, or their leader, Mr. Trump.

Ned Sheats


Immoral actions

Humanness is a quality we all possess — if you are of any of the Abrahamic faiths a living being created by God. The Christian sees this humanness in a particular manner.

The Christian sees our humanness in both the fullness of Adam and Eve and Jesus. Broken and redeemed. This demands of us particular approaches to the life that faces us.

The actions of a state and leadership that acts in inhumane ways or requires its personnel or citizens to do so is not acting out this faith and must be denounced as unchristian and immoral. Legality has no theological meaning in this discourse.

As a Christian and Episcopal bishop, I must say that the actions now at the border of Texas and Mexico regarding razor wire and buoys are inhumane, un-Christian, and acts of immorality. They are not only sinful but cause others who work for the government to undertake heartbreaking acts.

The actions also give fuel to human slavery and smuggling. The actions by the state of Texas, and its governor, must be denounced as acts of inhumanity to man and God — which is sin. There are other humane ways to deal with this crisis and I implore the leaders to take action to find humane solutions.

Right Rev. C. Andrew Doyle

Episcopal Diocese of Texas


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