Letters: Ignorance prevalent

Ignorance prevails. Darn immigration problem still shifts back and forth. Even the dimwit Ted Cruz is barking up the wrong tree complaining about our immigration problem. It’s his and Congress’ duty to sit down and work out a solution.

It takes all three branches of government to amend or make laws beneficial or acceptable for a country. The former traitor had total control of all three branches while in office and instead of separating families and caging children, he could very easily have amended our current immigration laws. The buck stops here as the saying goes.

Interesting how the traitor prepared himself, assigning Supreme Court justices and others who would benefit him in all the lies and criminal activity he is currently guilty of. Even supporters take pride accepting his criminal actions and treasonous behavior.

Interesting that he is now inciting supporters to do whatever it takes to keep him from being indicted. It’s very sad that even veterans who took an oath to support and defend Constitution of the U.S. against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and bear true faith and allegiance to the same and obey orders of the president and officers appointed, took part in the terroristic act. Those even thinking of having done so should hang up their Proud Veteran standings. Patriotism or treason, take your pick.

I know where I stand, volunteering and proudly serving when my country needed me.

I guess supporters glued to their fictional news channel that embraces recessions under GOP control, mock election results, branding those standing for justice as traitors and endorsing a traitor, makes them more motivated to accept whatever is convenient to their listening pleasure.

Lies are spreading like wildfire. You can lie about all your qualifications and still get elected to office and if you question results, you can still lie some more. I guess you all know who it is and even though everyone knows, he won’t step down. Of course, election results are sometimes convenient and of course bogus other times.

Our banking industry, flirting with bankruptcy, is now seeking socialism to prevent such measures. Why not replace management, who probably will end up rewarding themselves with huge million-dollar bonuses as if they were very productive, with highly qualified individuals instead of the same failures?

Darn socialism, of course, is only beneficial to the wealthy and taboo for everyone else.

Juan Gonzales



work scarce

I drive by the four corners construction site in Brownsville six times a day. And usually, out of the five-day work week I see equipment being used and workers on the jobsite doing their job only on one or two days out of the week. And of course, the daily congestion continues.

So at the rate of work two days out of the week, maybe, just maybe, they will finish within four years.

I have no idea who is in charge. But if he was working for me I would have fired him a long time ago.

Now understand the frustration of Brownsville drivers. Someone needs to step up and get it do. Nobody seems to care.

Abel R. Moreno


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