Letters: Littering not foreign

I would like to respond to a letter printed April 16.

So littering is now, apparently, the fault of foreigners living in America illegally or legally but with no intention of ever becoming American citizens. I really don’t think becoming a citizen stops an individual from littering. Shall I tell you the number of times I have been sitting at a traffic light and watched people, young and old, toss rubbish out of their car window? I would venture to guess that none of the people I witnessed littering were foreigners.

And not using a fork? Does the writer not know there are other cultures that do not use forks? One that springs to mind is India, where many use chapatis, similar to tortillas, instead of a fork. I am American born and raised and have used a chapati and tortilla instead of a fork. However, according to the writer, that makes me a foreigner.

I have been fortunate to study, work, and live abroad. And therefore, I would like to remind everyone there is a whole, big world outside of the Valley. I would like to suggest that some letter writers need to get out more.

Eileen Moore




The unimaginable possibility of rockets being launched from a no-longer-sleepy-little-village outside a “border town in South Texas” is coming closer to reality just in my lifetime. Amazing to know how swiftly change can come, even when it takes 60 years. That is a mere blink of the eye in the timeline of history.

And you are here at the exact time. Think of that.

Our MagicValley is once again on the brink of massive change. How we react to change is important. Over the couple hundred years that European immigrants and their descendents changed the face of the Valley there have been those who embraced the changes and those who deplored them. Those teenagers of my generation who complained that there was “nothing to do here” and raced away to the big time missed out on the growth that slowly occurred as those who stayed behind married and newcomers came to visit and stayed.

New dreamers have awakened the slumbering imaginations and opened the doors to astounding events. Other immigrants have brought their own dreams as they became citizens of the country, or did not, as the case may be. But the almost magical growth of Starbase from the salt flats of Boca Chica and the vitality that has been revealed with multiple local entrepreneurs launching businesses over the past 10 or 15 years has thrilled this old lady’s heart.

It has been a wonderful ride, this adventure of — at this point — 80 years. I wonder what the next 80 will bring to our wonderful MagicValley?

No longer will our young people who want to work at space-related companies have to leave home to fulfill their dreams. Those who aspire to serve in the medical professions feel the need to head to other states for a quality medical school experience. And who knows what other benefits will be reaped from this explosion of opportunities?

Carol Lutsinger


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