Letters: Beware Medicare

We’re now being overwhelmed with Medicare Advantage commercials that are making these private insurance providers wealthy beyond imagination.

They promote all kinds of benefits, protected by their “may” or “could” commercial caveats (disguised warning of specific situations, conditions or limitations, which should be a concern as to the validity of the real assessment result).

Before making a decision between government Medicare and private-insurance Medicare Advantage, always be aware of the “small print” as is usually recommended, making sure of getting all your legitimate benefit concerns answered.

The fact that it could cost less than government coverage begs the question: Are you giving up more or getting less coverage for this premium difference? That’s very important to the insured person.

Imelda Coronado




As the mayor of Brownsville, I place the health of our community among my top priorities, beginning with our youngest residents. As we collectively face historic inflation rates and expired pandemic-era benefits, additional resources are needed to ensure our children live healthy, successful lives. A new poll by No Kid Hungry Texas found that 73% of Texas adults are having a challenging time affording groceries, with rural families and those with school-aged children being hit the hardest. Even working and middle-income families are feeling the pinch.

School meals are a vital source of nutrition for the 1 in 4 kids facing food insecurity in Cameron County, but many parents struggle to afford them. Reduced-price breakfast and lunch still cost up to 40 cents each, which quickly adds up for families with more than one school-aged child, especially for those living paycheck to paycheck. Right now, the Texas Legislature has a prime opportunity to impact the lives of more than 230,000 children by covering the cost of reduced-price school meals. Eliminating this burden could go a long way to help families cover other necessities, like food at home, school supplies and new shoes for growing kids.

Our state has a massive budget surplus, and for just a drop in that bucket we can ensure our youngest Texans are well-nourished and ready to thrive in and out of the classroom. If you ask me, that’s a wise investment.

Juan “Trey” Mendez

Brownsville mayor

Ted Cruz


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s hypocrisy in decrying the Trump indictment as “completely unprecedented” is truly cringeworthy. Cruz’s Republican Party has been championing one unprecedented policy and method after another, including rejecting traditional international security alliances, creating election fraud out of nothing, embracing a president with a history of taking liberties with the truth and avoiding criminal charges for decades, temporizing with America’s long-running traditional progressive income tax system, personally running for a third term while calling for a two-term limit for senators — and the list goes on.

Does Mr. Cruz realize what a transparent lackey and lousy magician he is? Ohm that’s right. As long as he has the money and his opponents, the American people, don’t, he’s all good.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

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