Letters: Night Out a success

The city of Hidalgo held its annual National Night Out on Oct. 4 at Payne Arena.

It gave us great pride to see the community come out and celebrate with our law enforcement and service personnel this special event.

The great entertainment, food and activities included some awesome dinosaurs to fascinate us all.

Bright lights shimmered on our national flag as it was hoisted in full patriotic display, setting in the night sky.

A great spirit of coordinated efforts reminded us of our responsibility as supportive citizens.

But best of all was the presence of the various law enforcement individuals who work hard to put this event in place. Primarily, they brought us all together in promoting unity and cooperation in making our community a safer one.

We extend our appreciation to all of the men and women whose efforts reflect the all-inclusive network of city police, county, state and Border Patrol law enforcement.

They remain committed in securing the safety of our city, while protecting its citizens and defying the crime logistics of a border community.

Thank you, Police Chief Romeo Rodriguez and the supporting agencies of law enforcement, fireman and all who participated in coordinating this special event.

May God bless all of you and keep you safe.

Elia Franz




It’s official that our Mexican American Raza composes 40% of the Texas population. So why was there a white guy called “Beto” running for governor aiming to get our votes (not mine)?

Mi Raza, let’s unite and nominate an excellent lady for the top Texas office. I’m partial to mujeres because when in office she will take no guff from no one!

To prove my point, my 95-year-young mom still votes in person and not by mail and I have six sisters, so yes, I’m partial to the mujeres!

As for the national population, we compose 19%, so it’s time for us. Again, I mention that before I pass away I want a Garza or Gonzalez or Nava or Longoria or even Rosales, but not a Biden or Clinton or Obama or God forbid a “Giggles” Harris in the Casa Blanca!

We need Jill “No se” Biden that we made tacos de chorizo con Chile for her!

Ricardo Rosales Sr.




It’s funny how Donald Trump keeps playing the victim card over and over again. What is even funnier is how gullible Republicans keep falling for it. One has to wonder if these gullible Republicans will ever grow up and realize that Trump has been making a fool out of all of them.

His latest ploy was saying the FBI planted the confidential records at Mar-a-Lago Resort. Yet when his lawyers went to court they didn’t file a motion to claim this.

Just like the big lie about the stolen election. Why would this be? Could it be that if a lie is made in court you can go to jail? But gullible Republics would believe if Trump claimed just like Chicken Little that the sky was falling.

One has to wonder how long it would take for these gullible Republicans to realize what a con artist really looks like. Maybe they are just a lost cause.

I wonder how the Republican Orange Messiah would look in a mug shot dressed in pinstripes?

Jesus Rodriguez