LETTER: Trouble with Parkinson’s

I returned from Vietnam with post-traumatic stress disorder and have suffered with it since 1967. This is for other veterans and individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

The main topic is Parkinson’s illness and the medication. I am a Vietnam veteran and I knew that Agent Orange contained the ingredients that cause Parkinson’s. Therefore, when I was diagnosed I was not surprised.

The medication deals negatively with your brain. There is no such thing as sleep during the time the medication is being ingested.

I have dealt with VA medication forever. After a long and lengthy month and a half I was able to sneak out and see a physiatrist. He told me I did not have Parkinson’s or dementia. My spouse kept telling me we needed to sell my car. The doctors who diagnosed me erroneously continued to tell my wife that I did not need to be driving. I complained to the psychiatrist and neurologist that they did not know enough to make a correct diagnosis. I had to see another psychiatrist and neurologist for the correct diagnosis. I saw Dr. Francisco Torres in Brownsville and neurologist Karylsa Liz Torres in Weslaco.

There are many veterans out there who can be misdiagnosed and they might not be able to handle the mind-boggling and brainwashing done by the medication.

I was a young Vietnam veteran and I am now 73. We older guys need help. I am having problems collecting my travel pay. Are any of you having that problem? What about appointments? Are you having any problems with other issues? This goes for all wars and all branches of the service.

There is help in Brownsville for veterans of all branches at South Texas Iraq Veterans Association. Laura Marquez is the public relations officer: (956) 509-7953, for food and light bills or gas whatever you need; we will try to help.

Fred Rendon Jr.,