Reese’s is Americans top Halloween Candy

Two people in ghost costumes hold their Halloween treats. (Courtesy: Daisy Anderson/Pexels)

Every state has its favorite candy, and according to, Texas’ favorite candy is SweeTARTS.

That’s right, SweeTARTS.

SweeTARTS are also the favorite candy in Oklahoma and Arizona.

As Halloween quickly approaches, the dentists at surveyed more than 1,000 Americans to see what is their favorite Halloween candy.

They also analyzed hundreds of Google search terms and phrases to determine the top candy by state.

And it looks like Americans love their chocolate. At the top of the list of favorite candy is Reese’s followed by Kit Kat, M&M’s, Twix, and Butterfinger.

The most hated candy is candy corn, Hot Tamales Dots, Caramel Apple Suckers and Mike and Ike.

Texas is divided when it comes to candy corn, the survey indicates. El Paso and Austin were listed on the most candy corn-obsessed list. San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Ft. Worth were listed on the least candy corn-obsessed list.

Certain candies were only liked by just one state a piece. Illinois was the only one to love Tootsie Rolls. Nebraska is a fan of Skittles. North Carolina goes for Milk Duds. Alaska loves 3 Musketeers, and Indiana craves Butterfingers.

According to the survey, Americans will buy two bags of candy for Halloween, spending about $23.

The survey also states that not all the candy ends in the hands of trick-or-treaters. One-in-three Americans admitted that they end up eating a lot of the candy they planned to give away.

The survey also reports that 52% of Americans said they would not hand out candy citing inflation as one of the top reasons.

Wonder what is the best and worst candy for your teeth? The best are dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and sugar free gum. The worst are caramels, taffy, hard candy, coated candy, and toffee.