State Rep. Terry Canales appointed to Texas Sunset Advisory Commission

State Rep. Terry Canales announced on Monday that he has been appointed to a full term on the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission.

Texas state Rep. Terry Canales, D-Edinburg

Canales, a Democrat who is also the chairman of the House Committee on Transportation, said in a news release that House Speaker Dade Phelan appointed him to a four-year term on the commission on Monday.

He had previously been appointed to a two-year term to fill an unexpired vacancy, making Monday’s appointment his first full term on what he said is a prestigious commission.

With state Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr.’s retirement, Canales will be the only South Texas legislator and only Democrat serving on the commission.

“I feel humbled and privileged that Speaker Dade Phelan has appointed me to serve on the Sunset Commission,” he stated in the news release. “The Sunset Commission is tasked with assessing our state agencies to make them lean and efficient, while providing all the necessary services that they perform.”

The commission has five senators, five House members and two public members.

In the news release, Canales’ office said the commission conducts rigorous evaluations of each state agency or program to determine whether they should be abolished. If the commission determines they are needed, the members evaluation the agency’s functions from top to bottom to ensure efficacy and efficiency.

Each state agency has an expiration period in statute and the commission reviews the agency as it nears that end of that period.

“Last session, I had the opportunity to carry the Agriculture Sunset bill, which helped support our state’s $25 billion agriculture industry, while ensuring the strong future of our South Texas farmer in particular,” Canales said. “I also carried the Texas Commission on Fire Protection Sunset Bill, which was focused on aiding in the protection of the lives and property of Texans through the development and enforcement of recognized professional standards for firefighters.

“I’m excited to continue to serve, eager to get to work, and I am looking forward to continuing my commitment to taxpayers that our tax dollars are used wisely.”

The commission has 131 agencies to review over the next 12 years and, on average, it will evaluate 22 agencies every two years, according to the news release, which says the commission has saved taxpayers upward of $1 billion since 1982 and has been instrumental toward eliminating government waste and maximizing tax dollars.