HARLINGEN — The Harlingen Farmers Market has appointed new leadership, and new ideas and projects are rising within its board. The market is making an effort to change and evolve with its new direction as is prepares to re-open Saturday, Oct. 16 from 3 to 4:30 p.m. at the corner of 2nd and Tyler Street.

Canda LePage is the new president, according to Vice President Mia Garza.

Though the farmers market has different people in charge, Garza said the goal is to maintain focus on local farmers and vendors.

Before LePage, Kate McSwain was the president.

“They are big shoes to fill, but we have a lot of people working to make the market bigger, healthier, more fun and more fresh,” Garza said.

To that end, the farmers market has already been rebranded. Its logo has been changed, and Garza said one of the main focuses is to grow its social media presence.

“Our big change will be our presence. We want to be toward all generations and all types of people, very inclusive,” she said.

“Politics aside, we are open to everyone and have the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle through supporting our farmers, who I think are often not thought of as small businesses,” Garza said.

Because the goal is to grow its social media presence, there is consideration to hire a social media manager.

Currently, the board is managing the market’s social media because of its budget, but it hopes to be able to hire someone soon.

Garza said they want to make sure people are tagged properly and their Instagram and Facebook profiles stay active.

“We want to engage more and be able to do giveaways later on,” she said.

Because of COVID-19, music presentations and chef demonstrations, as well as children’s activities, were paused.

However, they are coming back this new season.

“We want to incorporate local artists and continue a craft activity to have people working with their hands, all with repurposed items,” Garza said.

The Harlingen Farmers Market is reopening Saturday, Oct. 16. With new leadership at the helm, it is reinventing itself and rebranding with hopes of having a stronger social media presence. (Courtesy photo)

The chef demonstrations will be done with products only offered at the farmers’ market, to keep it as locally-sourced as possible.

To apply to become a vendor, visit the Harlingen Farmers Market website at www.harlingenfarmersmarket.com or in person during the market.

The farmers market stays active every Saturday until mid-June.

“Our rule is it has to be sourced within 50 miles from Harlingen. You can get ingredients from other places, but it has to be made here,” Garza said.

“The whole vibe is going to be different, very fresh,” she said.