Beating the odds: Harlingen golfer achieves hole-in-one

Lynda McCullough is a Winter Texan from Canada who recently made a hole-in-one at the Stuart Place Golf Course in Harlingen. (Courtesy photo)

HARLINGEN — Around 25 years ago, Lynda McCullough’s interest in sports led her to take on golf and immediately fell in love with it.

She says in the beginning, the sport was challenging, but she enjoys playing and felt motivated to improve each time she played.

For nearly the past 20 years, McCullough has been visiting the Rio Grande Valley from Canada during the winter.

McCullough, her husband and their group of friends can often be found playing golf throughout the Valley’s golf courses.

This month, McCullough showcased her skills and passion for golf in a way that calls for a celebration.

McCullough recently made a hole-in-one at the Stuart Place Golf Course in Harlingen.

A hole in one is when a golfer perfectly drives the ball from the tee into the hole with a single stroke.

“If I had been able to, I would have done cartwheels. I was so excited,” McCullough said. “When we got back from the clubhouse, everyone there found out I had a hole in one and were congratulating me. It was wonderful.”

McCullough describes making a hole-in-one as the most difficult challenge ever.

“It’s like a dream come true for any golfer. I never thought I would achieve that ever,” she said. “I was really ecstatic. It’s not often that a golfer can do that.”

For McCullough, her focus isn’t necessarily to be the best at each game, but she says when you enjoy something, it just keeps getting better.

She advises with golf, players need to have patience.

“Every golfer who hits that ball wants to do so good on every single hole,” McCullough said. “It’s just absolutely wonderful when you go to tee off your ball. You want to excel on every single hole.”

For McCullough, there are many aspects to enjoy about golf.

“I enjoy the wonderful people I meet while golfing. Also, the exercise involved,” she said. “You go outdoors and get fresh air. I love it.”

She also believes golf is good for managing stress, feeling happy and so many different emotions.

“It gives you so much satisfaction just to get out there and hit a golf ball,” McCullough said. “You could have a bad day sometimes, but you always put that game behind you and look forward to the next one. That’s what it’s all about.”