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Editorial: Despite ERCOT problems, connecting state to national power grid not a good idea

The deadly February 2021 statewide freeze exposed great inadequacies and mismanagement in Texas’ energy network. Since then little progress is evident in addressing the primary problems. Now a bill in Congress would force Texas, which has the only single-state energy program on the U.S. mainland, to connect to the nationwide power grid.

Commentary: AI is not all it’s cracked up to be — at least not...

Samsung released its new Galaxy S24 phone this month. The big buzz is centered around how Galaxy users discover the world around them by incorporating AI (artificial intelligence) into photo manipulation, product searches for e-commerce, and much more. This is just one example of people getting excited over AI, but the truth is it’s hard to go anywhere these days without hearing someone talk about it.

Editorial: If we’re busing migrants, why not send them where they are actually needed?

Republican efforts to shut down immigration, led by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, have cost state taxpayers dearly — and hurt the economies of the Rio Grande Valley, state and nation at large.

Editorial: Subsidy programs might keep Valley sugar growers from filling global demand

Grocery shoppers might have noticed that sugar shelves aren’t always as well stocked as they normally are. It might seem odd, since a significant amount of the U.S. sugarcane crop is grown right here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Editorial: Texas A&M facility at port promises valuable training for skilled workers in Valley

Texas A&M University has had a presence in the Rio Grande Valley for a long time — its AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Weslaco marked its 100th year serving the South Texas agriculture industry and earning renown with its development of the Supersweet 1015 onion and research of the Texas Rio Red grapefruit and other South Texas cash crops.

Editorial: State rejection of millions in summer food assistance could leave children hungry

Texas is one of 15 states across the country that have declined to accept federal funding that could have helped replace the meals children lose during summer vacation.

Editorial: Congress blows opportunity to start work on reasonable border, immigration reform

Last Sunday's announcement that Senate negotiators had reached a deal that would free up foreign aid to the embattled states of Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan might have raised the hopes of some people. Soon after Congress members arrived at the Capitol on Monday, however, it was clear that those hopes would be futile.

Editorial: Congress has cheapened weight of impeachment; they need to cut it out

The impeachment process should be a serious affair. Our nation’s founders codified it into the Constitution as a tool to remove officeholders if they have commit “Treason, Bribery or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” That is why for the first two centuries of our nation’s existence, it was used only once against a sitting president, and in rare occasions against judges and other officials.

Editorial: Questions arising over benefits versus problems regarding no-kill shelters

In recent years, several Rio Grande Valley animal shelters have joined the growing trend of declaring themselves no-kill facilities. At the same time, growing numbers of animal rights activists are starting to question whether such policies are plausible, and if they ultimately are really in animals’ best interests as a general matter.

Editorial: Moratorium on LNG development will do more harm than good

Our public officials need to stop hurting our national economy, and our national interests, for their own political purposes — especially when, as in this case, such policies not only harm this country but provides support to a country that many consider to be our enemy.