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Staying safe: To secure best protection, understand role of police

Classes are beginning at schools all across America. As families prepare for the new school year, educators and community officials are making their own preparations.

Getting clean: Drug treatment options warrant more attention

Drug addition is an open secret all across the country. Everybody knows it’s a problem, but few acknowledge its presence, or its effects, closer to home. The National Institutes of Health reports that more than 90,000 people die from drug overdoses every year — and that number comes with a disclaimer that the government does not track statistics related to all drugs. Health officials say Texas has one of the highest rates of drug addiction and abuse.

Keep it clean: New pandemic is emerging, raising need to stay cautious

In many areas including the Rio GrandeValley, COVID cases are once again increasing in number. The surge coincides with the fact that many residents have eased back on many of the precautions they had undertaken during the height of the pandemic. Many have stopped wearing masks in public places and washing their hands or using sanitizing substances with the same frequency. Many of our popular grocery and department stores no longer provide disinfectant wipes or solutions at their entrances.

Sobering news: High DWI rates increase risks for all on roadways

The month of August brings many people to start thinking about the end of summer; schools will reopen in just a matter of days and Labor Day, the traditional end of the summer vacation season, is just a month away.

Alarm sounded: Whether endangered or not,monarchs warrant attention

In recent months we have received mixed messages regarding the monarch butterfly, one of the most recognized, and appreciated, insects. Nature experts announced in January that monarchs’ numbers had risen significantly, by as much as 35%, especially among the colonies that dwell in the western United States.

Staying cool: People might find a few ways to trim heat-related expenses

Summer in the Rio GrandeValley is not a good time to suffer the effects of inflation, especially with regard to utility bills. Many local utility companies insist that they haven’t raised their charges per kilowatt hour, but if their bills have a separate charge for the cost of fuel, that’s where the largest increase on one’s bill is likely to appear.

Big deal: U.S.-Mexico border pledge can help border economy

The agreement reached during the recent meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Mexican President Andres Manual Lopez Obrador is heartening. The two leaders released a joint statement on July 12 that expressed a commitment to improving border infrastructure to improve the flow of trade and people while making it more secure against encroachment. They pledged to “jointly combat inflation by accelerating the facilitation of bilateral trade and reducing trade costs.”

Worthy: Valley natives earn nation’s top civilian from president

We applaud Rio GrandeValley natives Juliet V. Garcia and Raul Yzaguirre, who were among the first group to receive our nation’s highest civilian honor from President Joe Biden. Biden bestowed the award upon Garcia, Yzaguirre and 15 others during a July 7 ceremony in the East Room of the White House.

Bad job: ERCOT still can’t guarantee we’ll have power we need

Texas leads the state in energy production, including renewable energy.

Let him in: Petition seeks to put Fender into Country Hall of Fame

San Benito boasts several famous past residents, such as Olympic champion Bobby Morrow and Narciso Martinez, who is credited with creating the conjunto musical genre. One image smiles down from the city’s I-69 water tower, however: Freddy Fender.