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Editorial: Access to detention centers has been proven necessary; we shouldn’t try to end...

The Biden administration on May 10 filed a motion asking that court supervision of its detention centers for immigrant children be terminated. The need for such supervision has been proven countless times. Even if it hadn’t been, the possibility that Donald Trump, and his known hostility toward immigrants, will return to the White House makes such a move premature.

Editorial: New restrictions on refugees only continues bad policies, doesn’t address real problem

Brownsville Mayor John Cowen and Edinburg Mayor Ramiro Garza were in our nation's capital on Tuesday to hear President Joe Biden announce new restrictions on people trying to immigrate into this country. In essence, the mayors witnessed the president concede defeat on border issues — and possibly hand the November election to Donald Trump.

Editorial: Two water-related tragedies should remind us to practice caution at pools and the...

Summer is upon us. People on vacation and students on break from school often spend summer days at a neighborhood pool or the beach. Current hot, sunny weather surely makes a dip in the water all the more refreshing.

Editorial: Schools should resist pressure to place unreasonable restrictions on students’ reading materials

The primary purpose of schools is to expand students' knowledge and help to prepare them for the world they will encounter when they enter a world filled with a wide variety of people, situations and challenges.

Editorial: As hurricane season begins residents should start preparing, and check insurance coverage

Hurricane season begins Saturday, and forecasters say the storms that have devastated parts of north and east Texas in past two weeks could be signs of things to come.

Editorial: DNA testing of immigrants more trouble than it’s worth, shouldn’t even be necessary

Former U.S. Rep. Mayra Flores wants mandatory DNA testing of all immigrants and favors a return of the much-denounced policy of separating children from their parents at the border.

Editorial: Punitive efforts to force Mexico’s treaty compliance won’t work during drought

Rio Grande Valley lawmakers joined other members of Congress this month in signing a letter asking the Joe Biden administration to withhold U.S. aid to Mexico until it complies with the 1944 water-sharing treaty between our two countries.

Editorial: Funding has been promised for drought mitigation projects; officials should start planning

U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland recently announced the allocation of funding for drought mitigation projects along the Rio Grande. Few places need such projects more than the Rio Grande Valley, which already is suffering millions in agricultural losses due to the lack of rain and irrigation water.

Editorial: Could Valley’s water shortage be addressed by constructing a dam, reservoir in the...

The Rio Grande Valley isn’t the only place that’s suffering from chronic drought and a critical lack of water. It’s affecting much of Texas and other parts of the Southwestern United States. Officials in other areas are starting to look for ways to conserve depleting supplies of water — and new sources.

Editorial: Citizen-only representation unconstitutional, would hurt Valley, other high-migrant areas

Far-right-wing Republicans once again are filing proposed legislation in Congress that could severely harm the Rio Grande Valley and other high-immigrant areas.