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We are in the midst of a digital revolution fueled by technology and information. It is the dawn of the awakening age of information, and the arousal of seminal moments of machinations and exaggerations that feed the ravenous need to believe in someone, in something, in anything, that can transform the reality of disillusionment and bitterness into an illusion of Biblical dimension and delusional proportion. It was foretold, and it has come to be.

For everything there is a season. For everything a reason. America — a seed that was but an idea, blossoming into purpose, into reason, into inspiration, and finally into expectation. And now, America has reached the zenith of its evolution.

Centuries and generations of heroes, patriots and ordinary men and women of sensitivity and nobility have long filled the rosters of America’s simplistic genius, sophisticated intellect and courageous resolve to persevere and prosper. America’s cup runneth over with its abundances and excesses of knowledge, wealth, charity and good will and intentions that oftentimes have gone awry.

We have reached the pinnacle of our time and our place under the heavens. And now, we are at that time in human history when the regression of greatness begins, when we witnesses the decline of human nobility and dignity, and when heroes and patriots, and the normalcy and stability of generations past, cease to be. We are victims and witnesses to a new revolution that assails the virtues of our past and the legacy of our heritage and tradition. And that is the Digital Revolution — the Age of Information. Call it the Computer Age, the Silicon Age, the Internet Age, the Third Industrial Revolution. All, however, by any other name, the age of lies and deception.

Too easy to fabricate, manipulate and disseminate manufactured and counterfeit information. Too tempting to ignore the simple-mindedness of indoctrination and conditioning by repeating lies, smears and slurs without annotation or confirmation. It is the Age of Information, right or wrong. True or false. And the messenger — the voice, the face — behind the power of persuasion, and the power of deflection or of reflection.

And so, America finds itself in the midst of a revolution of regression and suppression. A revolution with anti-heroes, rogues and scoundrels who agitate and rouse their fanatical throngs of disinformed, misinformed and uninformed base of stooges and foils who know not what they believe in, or why — only that they must act and react in order to keep alive their perceived truth, their conceived reality, their dream of an altered and unrecognizable America that they once cherished and revered.

It is the dawning of a new America — when state and national leaders align themselves with the forces of our destruction — when harmony, understanding and simple trust, respect or logic no longer fuel the very soul of our nation or our leaders.

It is the beginning of the end of our existence and resistance, when falsehoods and derisions override the dreams of our creation and formation, by those who dared to find their liberation in inspiration and expectation, instead of lies and deceptions illusions and delusions.

This is the dawning of the Age of Information — meaningless, worthless, pointless. The age of arrogance and hypocrisy. The age of throwaway courage, honor and faith — for 30 pieces of silver, a visit to goldleaf thrown rooms in a Florida resort and the promise of unkept oaths.

The Age of Information, turned into the Age of Lies and Deceptions, as America slides down the slippery slope of history to become but a footnote of what could have been, had We the People been protected and defended against the Age of Information, before it became the instrument of our destruction.

And America’s obituary will read: suicide by lies and deceptions, during the Age of Information.

Al Garcia-Wiltse is a published author living in San Juan.

Al Garcia-Wiltse