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A judge orders Texas to move buoys used to deter migrants to the bank...

AUSTIN (AP) — A federal judge on Wednesday ordered Texas to move a large floating barrier to the bank of the Rio Grande after protests from the the U.S. and Mexican governments over Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's latest tactic to stop migrants from crossing America's southern border.

Woman in Border Patrol custody in Harlingen dies

A 29-year-old woman died Monday while in Border Patrol custody in Harlingen.

Mexican border city struggles to find space for migrants even with a new shelter

MATAMOROS — At a massive encampment near an international bridge along the U.S.-Mexico border, migrants from Honduras, Haiti, Venezuela and elsewhere have turned scraps of plastic, poster board and rope into makeshift homes.

Migrant child dies after falling ill on Brownsville bus heading to Chicago

A migrant child has died on a bus in Brownsville that was destined for Chicago.

Appeals court allows Biden asylum restrictions to temporarily stay in place as case plays...

WASHINGTON (AP) — An appeals court Thursday allowed a rule restricting asylum at the southern border to temporarily stay in place. The decision is a major win for the Biden administration, which had argued that the rule was integral to its efforts to maintain order along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Brownsville’s Ozanam Center in need of monetary donations, essential items

BROWNSVILLE — Ozanam Center continues to reach out a helping hand to migrants following the expiration of Title 42 in May but meeting the rising numbers has led to a desperate need for funding and supplies.

Family of girl who died in Border Patrol custody in Harlingen holds New York...

NEW YORK — Balloons with rainbows and Minnie Mouse surrounded the casket of an 8-year-old girl who died in Border Patrol custody as dozens of people gathered Friday to remember Anadith Tanay Reyes Alvarez in New York City.

Border bills: Proposed legislation targets ports, immigration reform

The Texas Border Coalition on May 5 announced its support for bipartisan legislation to modernize U.S. land ports of entry and reform the nation’s immigration policies.

Border Patrol wouldn’t review the medical file of a girl with a heart condition...

HARLINGEN (AP) — Border Patrol medical staff declined to review the file of an 8-year-old girl with a chronic heart condition and rare blood disorder before she appeared to have a seizure and died on her ninth day in custody, an internal investigation found.

Deportation flight from Valley sends migrants to Colombia

HARLINGEN — Shuffling in shackles, 28 men and women climbed stairs to board a Boeing 737, taking a deportation flight to their home country of Colombia.