Input Needed: Island creates public restrooms survey

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Ever use the city’s public restrooms while visiting the beach?

The South Padre Island Shoreline Department is currently seeking input from residents and tourists regarding restroom access at the beach.

An online Beach Access Restroom Survey was recently created by the Shoreline Department and can be found at

“We want to involve as many people as possible,” said Shoreline Director Kristina Boburka. “The goal is to provide the community with adequate facilities while enjoying the beach.”

Interested participants have until Wednesday, Sept. 18 to complete the short survey online.

What led to the survey?

Late January of this year, the Island added 20 portable restrooms to 11 city beach accesses as part of a pilot program while the city works toward long-term solutions for increasing restrooms at beach accesses.

Every portable restroom is handicap accessible and is cleaned daily.

The total cost of the temporary facilities is about $13,482 per month.

The portable restrooms are under a year-long contract, which will be up for renewal at the end of this year.

According to Shoreline Department personnel, the creation of the pilot program stemmed from the community’s request for more access to restrooms while at the beach.

In total, the city currently has brick and mortar restroom facilities at two beach accesses — Treasure Island Beach Access #11 and Gulf Circle Beach Access #3.

Boburka said the ultimate goal the city will look at is making sure there are more brick and mortar restrooms at beach accesses.

“I encourage anyone that comes across the survey to take it,” she said. “We want to get feedback from the community because we really care about what they have to say. All of that goes into consideration on how we would go about this and plan what to do next.”


• To complete the survey, visit


• Harbor Circle Beach Access #1

• Ocean Circle Beach Access #2

• Beach Circle Beach Access #4

• Sea Island Circle Beach Access #5

• White Cap Circle Beach Access #8

• Blue Water Circle Beach Access #9

• Bougainvillea Circle Beach Access #14

• Neptune Circle Beach Access #16

• Starlight Circle Beach Access #17

• Fantasy Circle Beach Access #22

• Sunset Circle Beach Access #24

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