2nd causeway could help boost town

LAGUNA VISTA — City officials expect a second Island causeway will have a positive impact on Laguna Vista.

“Based on the schematics we’ve reviewed, it appears the landing of the second access will be within the town limits of Laguna Vista, south of the natural gas lines on Holly Beach,” City Manager Rolando Vela said.

That presents opportunities for the town, he said.

“It will accelerate commercial development on Highway 100 and the development of those undeveloped areas in the SPI Golf Club,” he said.

“The second access causeway, when completed, will connect with FM 510 and with Buena Vista Drive. This ‘loop’ will generate more vehicular traffic on Highway 100 as well.”

Within the next 15 years, city officials envision the town to continue to have a small community image with commercial development on Highway 100 and residen-tial/commercial on the undeveloped areas at the golf club.

Mayor Susie Houston, who has been a major proponent of the project said a departure corridor off of the causeway onto the main land would have an impact.

“I would anticipate a commercial strip to accommodate businesses marketing products to people that are visiting and that in turn will bring about commercial opportunities and will help our sales taxes,” she said.

“That, in turn, will keep our real estate taxes low.”

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