Edinburg reports nearly $1.5M in commercial, residential storm flood damage

The initial damage reported by the city of Edinburg from last week’s flooding caused by torrential rain is $200,000, which is “far away” from the total that is still being assessed, Edinburg Fire Chief Shawn Snider said at a special city council meeting on Tuesday.

Snider said there was “no significant impact to the city of Edinburg, other than saturation.” While he reported about 9 inches of rain on Wednesday, he said some spots received up to 17 inches.

“Whenever you have this kind of rainfall, it doesn’t matter how big a hole you dig in the ground or how big a ditch you dig,” he said. “You’re going to have ponding; you’re going to have flooding.”

He also reported $441,000 in residential damage and $1,023,900 in commercial damage.

Several residents were removed from roadways and crews rescued over 200 people, he said.

Twenty-five businesses closed on Thursday with 10 reporting sustained damage, and 28 homes, at the point of the meeting, received water in its interior, he said.

Director of Planning and Zoning Jesus Saenz said the houses reporting damage were spread out throughout the city, but were concentrated on the west side of town. Roof leaks and water in homes made up the bulk of the complaints.

Minor or major designations of damages are made through uniform standards, Saenz said, and about 12 homes received the more severe classification. These showed a clear waterline in the home with damage to sheetrock, he said.

Snider encouraged citizens to report damage so the city can relate the information to FEMA. Inspections were still ongoing as of Tuesday, they said.

The school district opened two shelters, South Middle School as the primary, and Monte Cristo Elementary. Only one person used the space, Snider said.

Snider said the city requested 10 state water pumps, which were still assisting McAllen and the county’s ongoing operations. He also assured residents there is no damage to water and sewer plants.

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This story has been updated to correctly identify Edinburg Fire Chief Shawn Snider.