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Tropical Depression Six forms; hurricane center tracking 4 other systems

The National Hurricane Center got even busier Saturday when it announced that Tropical Depression Six had formed from among five systems it has been monitoring across the Atlantic and Caribbean.

ERCOT calls for energy conservation with Texas projected to break power demand records

DALLAS — Texas’ electrical grid operator ERCOT is asking residents and businesses to cut back on energy usage Thursday as the state faces record power demand with extremely high temperatures.

‘Wait and see’: Tropical disturbance could bring relief or more heat

Any Rio Grande Valley residents who got rained on Tuesday should considered themselves extremely lucky.

New hurricane outlook sees better chances for more powerful storms

The National Weather Service Brownsville-Rio Grande Valley has announced the traditional mid-season outlook for the Atlantic hurricane season from the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration, 2023 edition.

Brownsville PUB speaks to power ‘blips’: Vegetation hitting lines reason for brief outages

When it’s 100 degrees outside with, say, 113-degree heat index and air conditioning the only line of defense against misery, it’s alarming when the power goes out.

How hot is it in Texas? People are baking cookies in cars, popping popcorn...

Turning on the oven with high temperatures stuck in the triple digits appeals to almost no one.

Records fall: NWS sees hotter than normal temps through August

The National Weather Service Brownsville-Rio Grande Valley station has issued its outlook for August through October, and maybe it would have been better if they hadn’t.

ER visits due to heat illnesses on rise with temperatures in RGV

With temperatures reaching an all-time high, at least three hospital systems in the Rio Grande Valley have reported a rise in the number of emergency room visits related to heat illness, and meteorologists continue to warn that it’s not getting much cooler anytime soon.

Our top 10 healthy snacks to beat the summer heat

Let’s be honest, as soon as summer hits we indulge in some ice cream, popsicles and beer for those who are old enough. Let’s be even more honest — we don’t really wait for the summer to enjoy those things.