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Sugar mill closing amid water crisis; $100 million impact expected

SANTA ROSA — Two years of crushing drought along with drying-up water supplies are forcing Texas’ last sugar mill to close after more than 50 years, cutting $100 million out of the economy and about 500 jobs.

Early hurricane season forecast may be elevated but RGV could be passed by again

Sea surface temperatures well above average in the Atlantic Basin and the approaching return of La Nina are fueling early talk of a busy Atlantic hurricane season this year.

San Benito farmers might run out of irrigation water

San Benito area farmers might be close to running out of irrigation water, a scenario which could force the city to push water to utility customers as officials call on residents to cut down on usage or face fines, they said Thursday.

Valley’s spring rain, temperature outlook ‘highly uncertain’

January turned out to be an “interesting month” in the Rio Grande Valley, with nice weather book-ending a two-week spell of windy, cold and rain between Jan. 8-21.

Valley has slight chance for rain as temps return to normal

Rio Grande Valley residents can anticipate a return to normal temperatures with a slight chance for some additional rain this week, according to the National Weather Service in Brownsville.

McAllen ISD program strives to keep students warm

With the arctic blast freezing South Texas, McAllen ISD’s Crockett Closet is aiming to make a difference for their students by keeping them warm and is asking the community to donate due to a low inventory.

Grid operator calls for conservation as Valley prepares for freezing conditions

The “polar express” has pulled into the station, maybe a little ahead of schedule and more assertively than meteorologists had predicted last week.

School delays, shelters and roadwork: Valley braces for arctic blast

Temperatures are expected to hit below freezing in the Rio Grande Valley early next week and local cities and schools are already making preparations for any anticipated interruptions of operations.

Valley emergency officials warn against using generators indoors to combat cold

When temperatures skyrocket or dip below freezing in the Rio Grande Valley, it's common knowledge by now that property damage, injury and even death have followed as a result of extreme weather creating unsafe conditions.