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Donations slow but trickle in for Spirit of Christmas families

Although donations have been slow, every bit of help that families in need have received during The Monitor and United Way of South Texas’ Spirit of Christmas campaign has meant so much to them.

Mission police, city officials bring Christmas joy to family in need

MISSION — Upon reading The Monitor's Spirit of Christmas story on Elida Reyna and her family, the city of Mission and its police department went above and beyond to give the Reyna family a Christmas they will never forget.

Small Mission family in desperate need of big repairs to trailer

MISSION — Meriba Ruiz is a single parent in Mission that on top of having medical needs for herself and her two sons, is also dealing with severe water damage to the trailer where they live.

Edinburg family struggles to make ends meet with recent passing of father

EDINBURG — With the sudden passing of Juan Carlos, the head of the household, the Limon family is struggling to adjust to the new life without their beloved father and husband.

Monte Alto mother with large household needs help as bills pile up

MONTE ALTO — San Juana Aguirre tries her best to give her household the best quality of life, but she says she needs help in various ways.

Mission father struggles to provide for family after wife’s aneurysm

MISSION — Jesus Gonzalez Balderas is everything to his family, and they’re everything to him.

Edinburg family hoping for Christmas outside of hospital as son battles illness

EDINBURG — Nallely Garza and her husband Pedro Garcia first noticed something was amiss as they tried to enjoy a walk at Doolittle Nature Park with their two young boys on a Spring day in 2022.

Edinburg childrens’ Christmas wish is for their dad to be healthy again

EDINBURG — Usually, some kids ask Santa Claus for new toys or whatever trending electronic device is out on the market today, but for 25-year-old Miriam Esquivel’s children, they only ask that their dad get back to full health.

Mission family of 7 living in small home hope for brighter Christmas

MISSION — On the corner of Inspiration Road sits a small yellow apartment that a family of seven calls home.

Dire need: Vehicle issues to help children get to school impacting Edinburg family

EDINBURG — Cecilia Peralta, an Edinburg mother of five does all she can to provide for her family and give them a better future, but with every step forward it seems like life just throws something new to the mix.