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COMMENTARY: Your reading habits helped us decide to reduce print editions

Your copies of The Monitor, Valley Morning Star and The Brownsville Herald today are noticeably larger. They contain multiple sections you'd normally see in Sunday's edition because, beginning today there will be no more Sunday editions. That means our sports and feature sections, our classifieds and comics and puzzles, are all found inside what will now be a weekend edition delivered on Saturdays. That also means that for the first time in our generation, there will be no Sunday newspaper on your doorstep, in racks, or at the nearby store.

OPINION: Slowdown: Census figures indicate local growth trend over

For decades the Rio Grande Valley was one of the nation’s fastest-growing regions, with a healthy combination of natural growth and immigration from both...

OPINION: Protecting children: Schools right to take steps in support of student health

In just a few weeks discussions regarding the coronavirus pandemic has shifted from asking students to wear masks to matters of greater consequence. Many...

OPINION: Good job: Valley residents rank high for COVID-19 vaccinations

Bill Salter, a Rio Grande Valley editor way back when, used to remind colleagues that people are inspired to write most often out of...