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Complaint: Woman punches CBP officer in face causing nose bleed

A Matamoros woman is accused of punching a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer in the face for not letting her catch up to...

Language barriers, tech glitches impacting access to new US asylum app

MATAMOROS – As the U.S. begins taking asylum cases through its new app, the government is simultaneously discovering and fixing problems.

CBP to roll out asylum app in attempt to discourage illegal crossings

MATAMOROS — Immigrants, the U.S. government and volunteers are preparing Thursday to begin using a new program designed to discourage asylum seekers from crossing...

Man accused of trying to cross nearly $1 million into Mexico

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers arrested a Brownsville man accused of crossing close to $1 million from the United States into Mexico. According to...

Artists from Brownsville, Matamoros hold fundraising art auction

Over 20 artists from Brownsville and Matamoros came together Saturday to help support South Texas artist Daniel Maldonado’s family through a fundraising art auction from 12 to 6 p.m. at Puente Art Studio in Brownsville.

Nearly two years after pleading guilty to money laundering, former Matamoros mayor yet to...

Nearly two years after former Tamaulipas governor and presidential candidate Tómas Yarrington Rubalcava pleaded guilty to a money laundering charge, he has yet to be sentenced.

Good neighbors: 200 years of U.S.-Mexico relations celebrated

The 200th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the United States and Mexico was celebrated in Brownsville Monday morning with a ceremony at Gateway International Bridge organized by the consulates here and in Matamoros.

Feds arrest Matamoros woman for attempting to smuggle 44 pounds of cocaine

A Matamoros woman has been arrested by federal authorities after she was found in possession of more than 44 pounds of cocaine.

Organizations in the Valley are helping create a new respite center in Matamoros

Vulnerable migrants arriving at the border seeking entry will soon have a new respite center in Matamoros with the help of nongovernmental organizations from the Rio Grande Valley.

New sculpture unveiled in Brownsville represents ‘a memory, a time, and a tradition’

A large black sheet covered La Familia sculpture created by Adán Parades, who resides in Oaxaca, Mexico, and was present in Brownsville, Friday as sounds of conversations are heard among the many in attendance just before the official sculpture unveiling ceremony at Buena Vida Arts and Cultural Park. Opening remarks were made by Mitte Foundation President RJ Mitte about the gift from the Mitte Cultural District Foundation to the City of Brownsville and sister city Matamoros. Over 50 were in attendance, including many city and county dignitaries from both Brownsville and Matamoros along with Brownsville citizens, all waiting in anticipation for artist Paredes to describe his creation. “The ensemble of La Familia represents a memory, a time, and a tradition. The reflection of the present that builds towards the future,” Paredes said before the official sculpture unveiling. Cheers and applause was heard throughout the park as the large black sheet slowly moved over the sculpture as the morning sun glistened on the reflective artwork. The ceremony concluded with traditional Mexican dances by Revival of Cultural Arts in partnership with Costumes of the Americas. (Miguel Roberts/The Brownsville Herald)