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Weapon used in Matamoros murder, kidnapping of four Americans came from U.S.

One of the weapons used in the fatal kidnapping of four American citizens in Matamoros was linked to a Valley man who was arrested over the weekend.

Pace of investigation into missing Peñitas women in Mexico frustrates, concerns family

Two Rio Grande Valley women traveled across the Rio Grande into Mexico in late February but when they suddenly stopped sending updates to their family back home, they filed a missing persons report. Unlike the quick response seen in the case of the four people who went missing last week in Matamoros, their case remains unsolved and their family lives on fragile hope.

Bodies of Americans killed in Matamoros returned

The bodies of two Americans slain in Matamoros were crossed at Veterans International Bridge Thursday afternoon.

Apology letter found after US citizens killed in Mexico

By ALFREDO PEÑA | Associated Press CIUDAD VICTORIA, Mexico (AP) — A letter claiming to be from the Mexican drug cartel blamed for abducting four...

Arrest made in Matamoros kidnappings of 4 Americans where 2 died

The four U.S. citizens who were kidnapped on Friday got caught in an ongoing feud between Gulf Cartel factions battling over drug smuggling territories in Tamaulipas, sources say.

2 Matamoros kidnapping survivors transported to Brownsville hospital

The two U.S. citizens who survived the kidnapping in Matamoros were taken to a Valley hospital Tuesday morning.

Mexican governor: Missing Americans found; 2 dead; 1 wounded; 1 unharmed

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Mexico — The Associated Press has reported this morning that two of the missing Americans kidnapped in Matamoros, Mexico on Friday, March...

Search for kidnapped Americans continue in Mexico

On the day that four Americans traveled into Matamoros from the United States, a travel advisory issued by the State Department had been in effect advising Americans not to visit the State of Tamaulipas because of ongoing violence such as crimes and kidnappings.

FBI wants your help finding four Americans kidnapped in Matamoros 

The FBI is asking for the public's help identifying the suspects in the assault and kidnapping of four U.S. citizens in Matamoros on Friday. In...

Families consider separation to seek asylum as they face limited appointments through CBP app

MATAMOROS — Insufficient appointments available for asylum seekers to enter lawfully into the U.S. via a government phone application is provoking families to consider a drastic choice: separating the family.