Brownsville Veterans Charger Matthew Pinion (77) after receiving the All-Metro lineman of the Year award in 2022. (Miguel Roberts/The Brownsville Herald)

Lineman of the Year: OL Matthew Pinion, Brownsville Veterans

Besides the big boys at PSJA North, there is no better offensive lineman in the Valley than Matthew Pinion.

Pinion is listed at 6-2 270, but moves like he is 215 as he turned corners for downfield blocks. The Chargers’ offense ran behind its strong side at will with Pinion leading the way as the strong-side guard.

Brownsville Veterans offensive line pose for a photo while holding the bi-district trophy after beating McHi. (Andrew Cordero/Special to The Monitor)

The Chargers gashed teams behind Pinion. Simple but extremely effective fullback handoffs that usually go for a few yards would be 10-yard-plus gains because of the 270-pound guard.

Pinion is headed to Eastern New Mexico University next week with Trillo and another standout blocker, tight end Nick Tovar.

Brownsville Veterans offensive lineman Matthew Pinion. (Courtesy Photo | BISD Athletics)

Pinion alo was the All-Metro lineman of the Year in 2022, as well as an All-Valley selection in 2022.