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Tribalism takes hold

Judges have ruled an insurrectionist can run for president (Michigan, Minnesota). A judge has ruled felons can possess guns (Chicago).

Joe Biden has ruled that an economically failing Chinese dictator can come to San Francisco and get an investment bailout to help keep his Communist Party in power. Why? Because those business deals help Democrats stay in power too.

Republicans believe that serial lying by Congressperson George Santos is free speech or maybe an ethics violation, but not crime.

Not crazy enough? Biden supports Benjamin Netanyahu’s judgment that Palestinian women, children and elderly are not civilians protected under rules of war. Why? Because Muslims are not a chosen people like Jews are.

America becoming irrational? Nothing new. Remember, COVID vaccinations kill people. Democrats run deep-state, Satan-worshipping pedophilia rings in government, business and media.

Also, Draymond Green’s game-time chokehold on Rudy Gobert was justified because he’s on our Warriors basketball team and Rudy is not (San Jose Mercury News).

Tribalism gaining a foothold in America? No, it already has a chokehold on America.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

Fateful encounter

The Germans have a saying: “Die welt ist klein” — The world is small. I have found this to be true in many ways over my lifetime.

In 1980 I was employed in Dallas by one of the largest banks in Texas. The department I worked in had the responsibility of keeping track of bank-issued travelers checks and from time to time I had to deliver reports of lost or stolen checks to the fraud department. One of the employees in the department was a retired homicide detective from the Dallas Police Department; to me he was just another employee of the bank I worked for.

One day in November of that year the conversation turned to a dark day in Dallas: the assassination of President Kennedy.

So many theories about the who and why were tossed around and one of my co-workers said to me, “You should ask L.C. He’s an expert on this.” I did not know who L.C. was, so I clumsily asked: “L.C. who?”

The following day the opportunity presented itself and I rode the elevator up to the floor where the fraud department was to deliver the updated report of missing checks and made it a point to see L.C. I went to his office and tapped on his door, and he asked me to come in and have a seat.

After exchanging introductions, I told him about the previous day’s lunch break conversation. He sat up and opened up a file drawer and produced a black binder and said, “Look at this.”

After about 10 minutes of thumbing through the binder and a few questions, I left L.C.’s office thunderstruck and remembered what I had seen and the historical significance of that black binder.

You see, L.C. was none other than L.C. Graves, the Dallas police detective wearing the Dick Tracy hat holding onto Lee Harvey Oswald when he was shot by Jack Ruby. In that binder were copies of reports, photos and other police correspondence. And to this day I wonder and hope that that binder has been given to a historical organization for preservation.

It has been 60 years since that fateful day in Dallas, and I will tell you that Mr. Graves told me that he had no doubt that Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK. His words as I recall: “End of story.”

Jake Longoria


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