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Trump backed

Hamas individuals may have already crossed our border and no, they did not walk hundreds of miles through Mexico carrying and hiding weapons and explosives. With billions sent to Iran by our fearless leader, they probably flew into Matamoros with professionally forged passports and burned them before wading across the river! I bet they won’t have any problems purchasing explosives and weapons made in the USA and probably already in the hands of fellow terrorists who are here already.

Mr. Shinkosky (Letters, Oct. 25 Nov. 8) can list all the bad things President Trump did for Americans before 2020 and the bad things he has planned in 2024 when he gets reelected. It would surely display wisdom in the American way of life! We’re waiting!

Ernest Gorena


Launch blasted

Regarding SpaceX and two failed attempts, the rumble reached the Brownsville Country Club, similar to an earthquake I experienced in Seattle in the 1960s. How does this not affect our wildlife?

Also, the latest failure was brought down in the gulf. What happens to the unspent fuel as it enters the gulf? The first one was brought down over the bay.

People come from everywhere to fish our waters, so after we’ve killed off the fish I suppose we will rely on occasional tourists who want to observe SpaceX attempts.

People now can only access Boca Chica Beach based on the whims of SpaceX. How did that even happen? Oh, yes, of course, money.

Davona Hatley


Rage lives

The rage conflagration industry is alive and well, unseen hands constantly poking the hornets’ nests. Vile venom infused into hearts and minds. Inflaming passions. Inciting rage. Donald Trump once called them “enemy of the people.”

When Joe Biden got elected, the press told us the adults were back in the room. Really?

Political passions are at dangerous, combustible levels. Darrell Brooks. Shannon Brandt. Both convicted of running over and killing total strangers — including small children — over political differences. People have been removed from planes and restaurants for wearing Trump attire. Brawls have broken out over mask compliance.

The reckless media have infused as much gasoline into smoldering passions as possible.

Is this the “angrier world” Klaus Schwab seeks? You are being deftly played like a fiddle into useful idiots to help them carry their gasoline. The Nazis programmed themselves to see Jews as inhuman, worthy of genocide. There’s an awful lot of programming occurring in the here and now. Let’s realign our moral compasses to the Golden Rule to disengage the rage.

Jamey Honaker


Assassination led to changes

President John Kennedy’s assassination was the beginning of the downfall of the Republican Party, starting with the blatant dishonesty of Richard Nixon, the indecision of George Bush No. 1, the penalizing of the middle class by Ronald Reagan, the declaration of war based on a lie by George Bush No. 2, then Donald Trump, unqualified for any elected office.

That assassination in retrospect was directly responsible for most of the financial and social issues we are having to fix today. We need two great political parties, not just one and a group of anarchists willing to do anything for power.

Ned Sheats


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