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Democrats draw attack

It is truly hilarious what the Democrats got themselves into. They tell the world how intelligent they are and that our country is going down the drain and with it, our democracy! Farthest from the truth!

They helped kick out House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a speaker who crossed the aisle to keep the government running and a speaker that was middle of the road! Look what that got them! LOL! A bunch of blithering idiots! They don’t care about the people! They only care about being able to tell us what to do and how to live our lives. It’s all about power!

Speaking about not caring, you can include the green movement and Joe Biden! In Biden’s attempt to remain electable in 2024, he drained our emergency oil reserves, reached out to Venezuela and OPEC to produce more, and softened the oil sanctions on Iran to increase production and keep the price of oil and gasoline down! What was he thinking?

Don’t he and the “green” machine care about humanity? Palestinians, Jews and Americans are losing their lives in the Middle East because of the billions Joe Biden and the “green” movement have allowed Iran to recapture! Russia, China and North Korea are sending billions of dollars to Iran and Iran’s terror bank account for oil to keep their killing machines going!

My biggest concern is the war coming to our homeland or an emboldened China or Russia airmailing a loud message to D.C.! That could be a distinct possibility under Joe Biden! Elections matter!

Ernest Gorena

Weapons defended

In the fallout after the Maine shooting, the usual suspects emerged like chatterboxes reverberating in the echo chamber: confiscate all guns! Weapons of war, they say.

They’re blissfully obtuse about certain people who fiercely embrace guns: violent thugs. It’s a necessary tool of their trade.

Do you think these types will come to reflect, “Well, I need guns to further my criminal pursuits, but since they’re banning them, I will respect the law on this one thing.” Please!

Chicago has about the strictest gun laws in the nation, but nearly the highest number of gun crimes.

When guns are illegal, violent criminals reach for the black market to stay in business. Normal people get to sit and wait and hope police arrive soon enough to save the from murder. Yes, the same police the anti-gun people yearn to defend.

Jamey Honaker


Value of life

What does the value of life mean on earth today? Not much if you look at what’s going on in the world today.

During the COVID-19 years in America 1.15 million people have died from this wretched virus and untold numbers we don’t know of.

Estimated 500,000 casualties in Ukraine and millions displaced from the country.

Oct. 7, Hamas killed 1,200-plud Israelis, then Israel killed up to 10,000 Palestinians. And then the whole world reacted with demonstrations and so many verbal accusations from all sides.

What’s wrong with this picture? Have we as a people lost our regard for human life? Are we so callous that we would rather go on a rampage with others making all kinds threats against others over a political phony cause without thinking about lives?

Look at America’s COVID tragedy — no demonstrations.

Look at Ukraine’s (Russia invasion) — very few demonstrations.

Bill Williams


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