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Republicans must unite

Republicans need to unite, stop being so petty and self-serving. Stop bashing the border wall and spare us the aggrandizement of unlawful migration. This is a critical point in America’s survival.

Politicians who come to the border to find excuses to energize evil by making economic advantage excuses of open borders and trade have already received their reward. You’re not serving the good working people of America, you’ve become the swamp. Nobody will remember if you were in high positions of power or not, but everybody will remember your integrity or lack of it.

Instead of bickering, show us your elected power by capitalizing and continuously pushing legislation that stops adversarial infiltration into our country dead on its tracks. That would be a great use of your elected powers, for immediate starters.

How does any politician, liberal or conservative, discourage protecting our hard-fought freedoms? Remember all those military patriots who gave and are still giving of themselves, and the many who sacrificed, shed their blood and lost their lives for our comfort? What thanks are they getting? Neo-communism, Nazism, fascism, Marxism and pure, unadulterated “climate cult” evil?

What’s being legislatively done to stop this massive outrage? God didn’t send us to be so cowardly of losing electability or personal political power or elitist swamp comfort. God gives us abilities to be real leaders, or voices for justice, also to do the right thing in times of tyranny and danger. We must use whatever gifts God gives us to not deceive those who do not deserve lies or truth suppression.

We must all stop being bleeding hearts to our adversaries, who are destroying our autonomy and sovereignty under the guise of being humanitarians. We never fool God.

Imelda Coronado


Cease-fire not likely

Joe Biden and his pal Antony Blinken will not consider a Gaza cease-fire, as we learned on Face the Nation the morning of Oct. 22.

Israel has of that date already exacted nearly 3 times restitution in terms of dead Palestinians vs. dead Israelis: more than 4,000 Palestinians (including 1,400 Arab children) vs. 1,400 Israelis. And the Netanyahu/Biden ground plan for bloodletting has not yet even gotten started.

Why are these two politicians so impervious to humanitarian concerns and so intent on war?

Are Americans not capable of putting 2 and 2 together here? This is an election year, and a good, lusty war for a commander in chief is virtually a lock of a way of “earning” a second term of office. Just ask George W. Bush, who foisted that tidy little war in Iraq on the American people as the lead-up to his campaign for a second term of office.

Bush used an excuse so thin that even college students could see through it. The main weapon of mass destruction in use today, just as in 2003, is a White House politician’s lust for continuing power.

Netanyahu, too, is in a politically perilous situation. He was sitting on a three-legged chair at the time of Hamas’ attack and is wonderfully happy to string the war out as long as he can because it will surely give him a fourth leg to sit on.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

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