LETTERS: Republicans celebrated, Nurture this gem, Migrant welfare

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Republicans celebrated

Are we going to re-elect a Democratic representative who is more loyal to their party than to the protection of women and girls in sports? Are we going to re-elect a Democrat who says it’s OK for us, our daughters or little sisters to compete against men? Are we going to subject ourselves or them to undress in the locker room with a biological male strutting his stuff and staring at us?

That is where we are with Henry Cuellar, who voted “Nay” and Vicente Gonzales who cleverly didn’t vote at all on House Resolution 734, the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act! They picked party over women! They picked party over females who busted their butts to succeed in sports and now have to see the victors naked in the locker room!

It was a Republican from California, Sen. Aaron Sargent, who got the 19th Amendment resolution passed in 1878. It was a Republican congressman from Illinois in 1919 who got the bill to the floor and got it passed! It was Republicans who voted 2 to 1 in 1919 for passage of the 19th Amendment and then did the same in 1964 for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Women and black Americans have these rights because of the Republican Party! You have to vote with history and not the party that voted against all of you!

No Democrat can contest what I have written today! They are all facts and found in the National Registry and our history books. Vote to normalize our country once again!

Rosie Gorena


Nurture this gem

This is in reference to the article about the regional economic alliance (Aug. 18).

This region is a diamond in the rough. This area has all the means to become economically rich and self sustainable.

Tourism would intensify and our businesses would flourish. Our economy would grow year round. We would attract significant more visitors. We would enjoy the Winter Texans from late fall to early spring, followed by spring breakers and summer vacationers.

What attracts you and me to place we vacation to? Entertainment, accommodations and good food.

Edinburg Mayor Ramiro Garza Jr. signs an initiative along with other local mayors with Gov. Greg Abbott looking on during the RGV Economic Summit at Bert Ogden Arena on Thursday, Aug. 17, 2023, in Edinburg. (Joel Martinez | [email protected])

Of course, you don’t want to out-price yourself, because people will go elsewhere.

I hope this “alliance” moves forward without fighting within the leadership. Let’s make this area the diamond it was meant to be with an economic growth and prosperous future for our kids.

Ruben Garcia


Migrant welfare

Texas is saving the nation. Our federal government is giving our nation away to those who want to take it, no questions asked.

It is shameful for our federal government to allow and force illegal migration into America and expect the states to figure out how to care for those entering illegally into our nation.

Our federal government is creating a welfare program for illegal migration. Taxpayer money is being spent on housing, food, health, to include free cellphones.

What is the message they are sending? You are welcome, anybody else? Let’s extend the free cellphones to everyone in America if they feel that generous. We will just continue to borrow more money from China to run our government.

If it weren’t for China, our federal government would be broke. We don’t even have the money today to run our own government and pay our Congress, president or our armed forces.

When will this insanity stop? That is the question no one cares to answer. Reality is a hard pill to swallow.

Rafael Madrigal


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