COMMENTARY: Immigrants opposed

COMMENTARY | Imelda Coronado

Autocratic totalitarians, the corporate media and never-Trumpers complicitly gave us Biden, a very ineffective president, and even weaker vice president, Kamala Harris.

The social media propagandists saw the opportunity at hand, and used it as a means to strengthen their own monetary connections with communist China and other enemy countries by giving us weak leaders who completely ignore the debacle they have created with their inability to lead.

When our supposed leaders stand up for illegal vote-harvesting, instead of standing up for America’s rule of law, it shows the weakness of their character and their ill intent, biting the hand that feeds them.

They still use every destructive “wrap up smear” tool to destroy political opponents. They’ve mastered a Nazi-type-tactic of accusing the opposition of what they’re guilty of.

The left falsely claims to be the “caretakers of the poor.” Nothing is further from the truth. They’ve kicked the immigration-reform can for nearly a century. This has plundered our national treasury by redistributing the trillions of taxpayers’ money to non-Americans who cross illegally. They reward them with unaccounted-for massive dollar amounts in handouts, while Americans do without. These unlawful crossers are availed free flights, buses, housing, health care, no profiling of any kind, while Americans suffer lockdowns in tyranny, with autocratic vaccine mandates and military job and civil job firings if they don’t vaccinate. That’s the thanks they get for serving and protecting our country.

These same people, some politicians, activists and organizers, pose and wave, acting as great humanitarians, with the taxpayers’ hat. Spare us the theatrics. In Spanish, we call it “saludando con sombrero ajeno” — greeting with a stranger’s hat.

Again, it’s not rocket science that neither Biden nor Harris cares much about Americans, or Hispanics. They use lawbreakers to harvest illegal votes. They will go to Honduras, Singapore, Europe, Ukraine and every place in the world, except the Texas southern border, courtesy of the profiteering and multiplying American grant-funded non-governmental organizations and charities that profess they are “non-profit,” while on salaries.

Half our border population goes ballistic at the mere mention of a border wall. A border wall threatens their profiteering self-interests. They become furious at the millions a border wall would cost, yet in contrast they spend trillions in lawsuits to defend illegal immigration and asylum seekers. They continuously bellyache about the cost of a border wall, while pouring out our coffers for non-American lawbreaking crossers.

Their fake “root cause” search of illegal immigration is plain and simple, power and money greed. Look no further.

They need to stop lying that border walls do not work, falsely parroting it’s a 14th-century solution. Actually they seem to have a 14th-century-thinking mentality.

It’s common knowledge that the elderly, the pregnant, the disabled, babies and so many other people could never climb walls, but everyone can come here legally anytime they desire and be well-received with kindness. It’s a matter of common respect and civility — and yes, mutual dignity for all.

The profiteers keep talking about the illegal crossers’ dignity, and presume the Americans paying for it don’t need any dignity. Just keep bleeding them and stepping on them until they die. Very “humanitarian” indeed.

Imelda Coronado lives in Mission.