Home away from home: Brownsville woman finds hope, career at TSC

Enya Poole

Enya Poole has been part of the Texas Southmost College family since 2016, but now her journey at the college has come full circle as the newest Admissions Specialist for TSC.

It’s at TSC that the 22-year-old said she has grown the most, going from a student who didn’t know a lot of English to a professional who is now bilingual helping others continue their education.

“I never thought in 2016 that I would find my home away from home here at TSC,” said the Brownsville native who lived in Mexico for most of her life. “TSC was a life changer.”

It was the end of her seventh-grade year in a public school in Matamoros that Poole’s parents sent her to live with her grandparents in Brownsville with hopes of giving their daughter a better education.

But only being taught English words for basic things like shapes and colors while growing up, Poole struggled with the transition.

“I didn’t know how to speak English, write English or read English. I was lost,” said Poole. “By the end of my eighth-grade year I was writing and reading a little better, but speaking is still something I’m practicing today.”

She added that it wasn’t until she got to TSC that her English improved because of the support she got from instructors and her supervisors.

“I got the opportunity in 2017 to become a student worker with TSC’s admission department and this is where my motivation to speak English really came from,” she said. “If I wanted to better serve and help other students, I had to speak Spanish and English.”

Poole, who had aspired to be a photojournalist and editor for most of her middle and high school years, suddenly found herself at TSC wanting to pursue a career in higher education.

It was the passion of helping others continue their education and seeing them succeed that kept Poole at the admissions office part time even after graduating with her associate degree in general studies in 2018.

And although Poole has gone on to earn a bachelor’s degree in mass communication, she is excited to be back where it all started — TSC.

“It took some time to return, but when the opportunity arose, I grabbed it and never looked back,” said Poole. “TSC welcomed me back and at times it feels like I never left. The campus and student population has certainly grown and continues to grow, and I’m glad I’m along for the ride.”

Poole added that her goal at TSC is to remain dedicated to student success, student growth and campus growth.

“For many if not all, TSC is a chance at a better life. A chance to become what they’ve always aspired to me,” she said. “And when I see them put on that cap and gown, that to me is the most rewarding part of the job and that’s what make this career worthwhile.”

She hopes to continue growing with the college, even possibly transitioning to recruitment or advisement, to further help students through their college journey and plans on pursuing a master’s degree in marketing.

“I see myself at TSC for the long haul,” said Poole. “TSC was my first job and it taught me a lot, gave me work experience and opportunities I never imagined. It feels great being back.”