It is still unknown how the $10 million Elon Musk will donate to the revitalization of Downtown Brownsville will be used. But, during a city commission meeting on Tuesday, there was a presentation by the City of Brownsville Manager’s Office where they discussed the updates on this matter.

Ramiro Gonzalez, director of Government and Community Affairs, said the Musk Foundation will visit Brownsville in the next days where more guidance will be provided as to how they want the money to be spent. He also said Mayor Trey Mendez met with SpaceX a few weeks ago where they were put in contact with the Musk Foundation.

“The mayor had an initial discussion, an initial kind of welcome discussion with them, and we have heard as of today that they do plan on visiting,” Gonzalez said.

“We don’t have dates yet, but we will be setting up meetings for them and visits … So, we will have to report more in the next week, but we did hear just this (Tuesday) morning that they will be visiting and they will get us a date for that visit.”

Commissioner Ben Neece asked to be included in the meetings since part of the Downtown area is his district. Echoing the sentiment, Commissioner Nurith Galonsky said she also has a few blocks in the downtown area and would like to be included in the meetings as well.

Commissioner Rose Gowen said everyone should be included.

“I think everyone should be included, including the At-Large positions,” Gowen said.

Gonzalez said as soon as the city has more clarity on their visit he will reach out to the commissioners to set the meetings, but that as of right now, they are still working on the logistics.

“As soon as we have more clarity on their visit, I’ll be reaching out to set up. We just want to get the logistics right: when are they going to be here, flights, that kind of stuff and we will reach out back to you with some slots of time,” he said.

A view along Elizabeth Street in downtown Brownsville Wednesday during Semana Santa. (Miguel Roberts/The Brownsville Herald)

Galonsky asked if there is a proposal in the works by city administration on how the money would be spent and if so, who has been part of those conversations. She also asked for assurance that no money from the Musk Foundation has been promised to anyone.

Gonzalez said there have been no meetings or no proposals in the works since they are waiting for guidance from the Musk Foundation which they hope will get clearer after the visit. He added the only meeting they’ve had about this is the initial one Mendez had with SpaceX.

Gonzalez said that no money has been promised to any organization.