Valley-founded Texas Longest Yard Sale kicks off this weekend

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The Texas Longest Yard Sale is shown in Blanco in 2023. (Courtesy photo)

The Texas Longest Yard Sale, founded by former Brownsville resident Yolanda Almaguer in 2015, is here again, scheduled for May 3-6 along U.S. 281 all the way from A.V. Lopez in Brownsville to Johnson City in Blanco County.

The first one nine years ago didn’t go beyond the Rio Grande Valley, though the event has steadily expanded over the years thanks to Almaguer’s patient persistence and now includes communities such as Blanco, Bulverde, George West, Live Oak, Pleasanton, San Antonio, Spring Branch and Three Rivers as well as Edinburg, Pharr and other Valley communities along U.S. 281.

“It’s been a little hard to get the word out past Johnson City,” Almaguer said. “I had never been able to get Pleasanton, and (this year) they contacted me. So the word is getting out and I think the interest is there now that we’ve got some years on us.”

In cities like George West, Spring Branch and Three Rivers, the local chambers of commerce have helped spread the word about the annual event — a mecca for those who, like Almaguer, have a passion for roadside treasure hunting. Pleasanton’s chamber won’t be on board officially until next year, though individual sales are still popping up for the weekend in that city, so it’s on the list for this year, she said.

Almaguer, who now lives in Dripping Springs, has also managed to get some large residential subdivisions signed up in San Antonio and elsewhere, which helps a lot since there aren’t that many single homes along the highway in many places, she said.

“And small businesses along 281 are getting involved,” Almaguer said. “They’re joining us in having their own little sales, and some are having vendors as well. It’s for everybody. It’s for the small business to help themselves, and also just everyday people having a yard sale and making a few bucks.”

She’s not sure exactly many people are taking part each year, though Almaguer is confident the number is growing.

“I don’t know how many, but I know that it’s gotten bigger,” Almaguer said. “I know that there’s more involvement this year. I’ve always had a really good turnout in the Valley, but this is the first time that Hill Country has had more participation.”

The Texas Longest Yard Sale is shown in Blanco in 2023. (Courtesy photo)

Even if the Texas Longest Yard Sale hasn’t yet extended north of Johnson City, activity at each existing stop is building, she said, adding that she intends to keep pushing to make it bigger.

“I’m certainly going to work on it — I’ve gotten this far — because my goal is for it to become a destination,” Almaguer said. “I’ve always had calls from Houston, from Dallas, from people who want to join. I did get a call from somebody in Houston who said they’re coming in on a small bus. I don’t know if that means an SUV or whatever. There’s some ladies coming in from Houston, and they wanted to know where to go.”

Her advice: Head straight to San Antonio, then north to Johnson City. That’s the stretch Almaguer will be traveling for the weekend. She has no intention of trying to cover entire length, since it’s a six-hour drive without stopping.

Almaguer said she’s looking forward to celebrating the sprawling event’s 10th anniversary next year, “God willing.”

“It helps that I moved over here (to Hill Country), because I was able to visit these little towns up here,” she said. “It was challenging before.”

For complete information visit the Texas Longest Yard Sale Facebook page or call Almaguer at (956) 312-1900.