Man accused of assaulting three Border Patrol agents

A U.S. citizen being held at a U.S. Border Patrol processing facility is accused of assaulting three agents inside the station.

Osmuany Fajardo, age and address unknown, allegedly assaulted the agents as they tried to subdue him in his holding cell, a criminal complaint reads.

Fajardo appeared Tuesday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Ignacio Torteya III, who ordered he be held without bond.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 27.

According to the Oct. 23 federal criminal complaint, Fajardo was told to return to his cell, but he refused to do so.

As one of the agents tried to escort Fajardo back, he became combative and “entered into a physical altercation, grappling back into the cell and onto the floor.”

Two other agents entered the cell to assist the agent, and “Fajardo kicked and used his arms and elbows to fight back,” the federal criminal compliant reads.

Fajardo was cut on the nose but did not require medical treatment, the federal criminal complaint states.

One of the agents received a bloody nose and a second had redness and swelling around his thumb, but neither required medical treatment.

According to the federal criminal complaint, interviews and security footage from the station were reviewed, and probable cause was found that Fajardo assaulted the agents while they were performing their official duties.