Elsa police: 3-year-old found loaded gun, fatally shot himself

The Elsa Police Department says investigators believe a 3-year-old child who died from a gunshot wound Monday found a loaded, unsecured handgun and shot himself.

The agency identified the child as Troy Blue Dueñes.

The department responded to a home in the 200 block of Begonia Street about 2:14 p.m. Monday in reference to the shooting.

The child was taken to DHR Health in Edinburg where he was later pronounced dead.

“During the investigation, it was discovered that the victim had found an unsecured and loaded firearm in a bedroom belonging to an adult family member, and evidence at the scene led investigators to believe that the child may have accidentally shot himself,” police said in a news release. 

An autopsy confirmed that the wound was consistent with being self-inflicted.

“This was a tragic incident, and our hearts go out to the family and friends affected,” the release said.

Elsa police reminded everyone about the importance of gun safety in an effort to prevent a future, similar incident.

“We are advocates for responsible gun ownership and gun safety. Education on properly handling, storing, and securing weapons are essential for keeping yourself and loved ones safe,” the release said. “Gun safety locks are a simple tool that is easy to use and prevents accidental discharges.”

The Elsa Police Department, along with other law enforcement agencies, have programs where gun safety locks are distributed for free.

“This is still an ongoing investigation, and there is currently no other information available,” the release said.