No longer will you hear “Brownsville Police Department how can I help you” when you call the department.

An automated phone system has taken over the PD telephone lines and will answer the calls as they come in to the department.

Individuals calling the department will now hear the automatic greeting “Thank you for calling the Brownsville Police Department.” You will then be asked if you would like to hear the recording in English or Spanish. You will then be asked which department you are trying to reach.

The change happened Thursday afternoon.

On the Brownsville Police Department Facebook Page, the department stated, “This new feature will allow you to access the correct department faster and without wait times. We remind the public that if you are calling for an actual emergency, please dial 9-1-1. This SERVICE will provide you the most accurate and efficient access to your needs.”

The automated service will inform the callers of the prompts in English and Spanish. The prompts are as follows:

>> 1. Records Division (Copy of Reports, Criminal History Checks)

>> 2. City Jail (Inmate List)

>> 3. Criminal Investigations Unit (Property Thefts, Crimes Against Person)

>> 4. Special Investigations Unit (Auto Theft, Burglary of Habitations)

>> 5. Animal Control

>> 6. Medical Transports

>> 7. Sergeants Office

>> 8. Training Department (Training Events, Recruitment)

>> 9. Chief’s Office